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Friday, March 16, 2012


     ellsworth kelly, 01

Several days in a row the news report has begun with GI Joe in Afghanistan breaking into apartments in the night and killing everyone inside, 16 civilians. This thing is so out of control and over the top where viciousness is concerned, our penal system and our system of execution are not up to this guy's crime. Our penal system has become so enshrouded in draconian sentencing for negligible crimes that it becomes a question of what to do when a real crime occurs. I'd be for turning him over to the villagers, relatives and friends of the families he killed like a thief in the night, take him to the center of the village handcuffed in the back of a dump truck, dump him and drive off. Let the people who want justice take care of it themselves. The children could find several hours of entertainment with him, the killer of children in their beds at night. The latest I heard was that the "alleged gunman" is afraid for his life and for his family. Duh. A good example of absence of foresight. I'd guess by the time the interrogation boys were done with him, his face looked like it had been run through a meat grinder. Major national security problem, made us look bad. W Bush made us look bad and he's now an evangelist.

It really is time to get out of Afghanistan now. The American attitude has been that we're saving the Afghan people from the Taliban. Now the people want the Taliban to save them from American occupiers. The names of places we hear on the news, like Kandahar, is where USA has a big prison for the people of Afghanistan and other muslims caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. We've totally destroyed Iraq for the thrill of destroying a small, defenseless country. I can't blame the people of Afghanistan for wanting the end of American occupation before their country is completely annihilated. USA doesn't reconstruct after destroying a place, either. We don't have any money. The war took all our money. They're poor anyway, they're used to it. We've got War On Drugs at home from hell; occupying Afghanistan where heroin comes from, the poppy fields are left alone by the occupiers. Farmers making a living. No big deal.

We've gone from the Ugly American to killers of children in my lifetime. the country that worships youth. What do the mothers of Afghanistan, or the entire Middle East, tell their children tucking them in? Say your prayers or an American will kill you in your sleep. The muslim name for USA, The Great Satan, kind of resonates when you look at it from the point of view of the poor. I've an idea our government uses the poor countries of the world for practice with new, hi-tech weaponry, like carving a path through the poor sections of the city for an interstate. When the Mississippi flooded a few years ago, the water was directed away from the cities, the centers of commerce, to the rural areas where the people are poor and have no voice. Looking at what tornadoes do to trailer parks, it gives the appearance God hates the poor, too. Aggressive as the American war on poverty appears, by intent it is benign. Wealth doesn't see poverty. A poor country is the same as a desert, a good place to test bombs and artillery, advanced bootcamp for the troops. Poor people dying and wounded in a building bombed to the ground are justified as collateral damage, because a suspected terrorist cell dwelt in one of the apartments. Smart bombs.

We're so advanced, we're retarded. I am glad to see the waning of capitalism. I realize that the only countries socialism has really worked in amount to one city and the rest of the country exurbs. Capitalism made USA from the ground up, the root of American pragmatism, American individualism, American religion. As an economic system it worked for us, to a point, for some, not for all, until draining the populace of whatever money we can generate for the billionaire bankers corresponds with a few fisheries billionaires fishing the oceans empty. I recall watching evening news with an old Regular Baptist preacher friend, back when the Ayatollah was exercising power in Tehran. The news was showing pictures of hundreds of muslims in prayer. Preacher friend said the solution is to nuke them. That would be the end of it. I suggested it would also be the beginning of something he wouldn't want to be responsible for. Oh yes he would. I said, when nuking becomes the solution to problems and you nuke everybody, you'll be the only one left. He said, That would be all right. The very voice of capitalism itself.


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