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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The news the last several days has had a happy element to it that has been getting better every day. It's looking something like a Limbaugh meltdown. I don't dare hope for it, because the world of celebrities that come and go is a foreign world to me. He has a substantial fan base, none of whom would have been "offended" by his stupid remarks about the woman named Fluke. I never thought anything of it hearing it on the news the first time. Of course, he said something stupid. What's news about that? Turns out it's ok to libel a celebrity, because celebrities, in effect, sign the line to have anything said of them publicly. I suppose since politics is his show, he's well accustomed to making slanderous remarks about political celebs. This time he was slanderous to "a citizen," a non-celebrity. Up until today I'd only heard non-celebrities called ordinary. We're the ordinary people. I like calling us citizens. It's been about the length of my life since we the people have been called citizens. We're consumers, taxpayers, the electorate and ordinary. Now, we're citizens again, at least temporarily.

It tickles me every day to hear the next thing about advertisers withdrawing their support. Every day it is more. I saw someplace he makes $4million a year. Evidence that it doesn't take brains to have money. The drama is looking more interesting daily. Recalling Jimmy the Greek who made one working class remark he thought nothing of, but middle class management thought a lot of it. Overnight he's gone. In the end, a trivial purusit question. It's kind of looking like it might be a meltdown for Limbaugh. He has been such a divisive spirit, holding up the worst as the best. He is himself the glorification of stupid. A couple of lines from WB Yeats' poem The Second Coming stay in my mind, The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity. This is a nutshell description of our time. Being the philosoph of the republican party, it looked like only assassination could get rid of Limbaugh, but he was on the side of the people that do the assassinating. He had a great army to keep him from incoming attacks. But no army could protect him from implosion, which it is looking like he has done, imploded like the WTC towers. If this is the end of Limbaugh as entertainer, the repubs are in trouble. Boner as majority chairman has spent the last 3 years attempting to trip up Obama, which turned into tripping up himself and the repub party. He gave it a big loss where already waning credibility had it on a downhill grade.

The times I've chosen to ride to Winston-Salem by public transportation for seniors, the driver had the radio on the Limbaugh station. First time, I listened out of curiosity. He was even more stupid than I had him figured for. Next time, I listened fuming inside. The third time, I asked him to turn it off. I had the right, and told myself after that 2nd ride that I will say something next time. I was bearing with it, allowing the driver his belief he was tapped into the holy of holies. Limbaugh was ranting about the Occupy movement, saying it's college students protesting for the 99%, but when they graduate from college they'll be the 1%. I said, automatically, "Please turn that off." He did. I thought, That was easy. I forget the other guy's name, the one booted off the air for calling black women nappy headed, or something equally stupid. Don Imus. He imploded in about one day. Looks like Limbaugh is taking at least a few days to unravel. Makes me want to celebrate, just to have that big mouth taken off the air, discredited, put out in shame. He'll be out there in post-celebrity world with Pete Rose, Jimmy the Greek and Paris Hilton.

Just the thought that the Limbaugh implosion might have begun is satisfaction immeasurable. He has been the worst influence on the American people in my lifetime. He only spoke to white working class men, and that pretty much in a solid mass. A white working class man who would not take an interest in Limbaugh mind would have absence of credibility with the men in his world. Why that is? My thinking is that white working class boys stop school learning at puberty, after 6th grade. Talking with a teacher one day I mentioned boys quit learning after 6th grade. She said, "After 3rd grade." That seemed accurate. She knew better than I did. I think of Limbaugh's audience as a 3rd grade level of knowledge, which means none. The guy driving the van I rode in diminished incredibly before my eyes. We had good conversation. I enjoyed talking with him. I knew he was a wingnut, but didn't care. I never care if somebody's a wingnut until they start getting in my face. He didn't get in my face. It's just that I thought he was a fairly decent guy, friendly, no masculinity one-upmanship games. I always appreciate it in a man who doesn't play one-upmanship. But subjecting me to Limbaugh is the limit. He diminished so much before my eyes, he fell into a place where I had to withdraw whatever respect I had toward him. It told me that whatever his political views, he's a parrot. A republican parrot and a politically correct parrot are both parrots.

I know every blogger on the internet is writing about Limbaugh. I've not read what anybody else said. I'm already tired of analyzing slut and prostitute. The only thing I'm interested to hear is that he has been put off the air. I've no interest in analyzing his ignorance, don't care to hear any more about it. Just get rid of him. I want to see him reduced to a trivial pursuit question. The worst thing Limbaugh has done that affects me is corrupting the minds of the men of the world I live in. It's hard for me to respect a man who talks Limbaugh mind. The "oxy-codene" (redneck heroin) junkie. He's the voice for the mind that wants freedom and liberty for self and police state for everybody else. Something like an African dictator. All for self and screw everybody else, the egoic extreme of American individualism. When I hear he's been axed, I will say, Wow, What a rush.


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