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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


by alexander liberman

All I hear on the news of interest these days is Trayvon Martin, over and over, everywhere I go for news. I have to say it is with good reason this subject is repeated every hour. From what I've heard, which amounts to what is purported to be the collection of police recordings of phone calls from neighbors, sounds like a guy wanting to kill somebody and provoked it. It is possible. I know a lot of white men and I know that a lot of the white men I know would love a chance to kill a nigger. I know a few guys who would wait for the chance to kill anybody. Going by faces, the guy pulling the trigger is somebody I would never trust for any reason on sight. Again, going by faces, I would be inclined to trust Trayvon. I heard several people on a call-in NPR talk show, On Point, I think, and nobody said anything about people who carry a secret desire to kill somebody. That's a no-no to talk about, because so many people in America kill people, it's kind of shameful to talk about it. Reasons? Everybody can, individually, think of valid reasons until there are so many it becomes unmanageable, which is where we are, socially in America. So much hate swirling on AM radio it's like a whirlpool in a wastewater treatment plant.

This is the America we live in. White man threatened by the statistics of people of color outnumbering colorless people. White man is in process of alienating white woman in this present madness for police state, making themselves one quarter of the population; hence, hardly a political voice at all. White men in power will not let power go without a fight. White man is not afraid to nuke a gook, a geek, a towel-head; makes no never-mind. I like seeing all the attention given to the case of Trayvon's murder, which I can't help but see is murder, even if I didn't see the killer's face. Like Trayvon's mama said, if a black man had shot a white boy for walking, he'd have been arrested without bail. Everybody in America knows that. Even the ones living in denial. The cops in the Florida town, and Florida is, indeed, the South, until you get to FtLauderdale, from there on down it's the North. I don't have any respect for Al (bad wig) Sharpton or Jesse (I was there when Martin was killed) Jackson, but I'm glad to hear they're getting their names nobody respects in the mix. Just for the annoyance of it. Seems to me, every person of color and every colorless person with a conscience has an interest.

I recall an incident in this county several years ago, a decade, thereabouts, a small motel owner, who happened to be a retired X-sheriff, blew a Mexican's head off with a shotgun and was never charged. "Self-defence." I wonder if it had been the other way around, the Mexican blew his head of and said, "Self-defence," when law-enforcement arrived. These stories are not rare, which is why suddenly they're getting attention now. It has become a social issue, white men getting away with killing people of color and saying, "Self-defence." Some black men on the radio program were talking about the understanding in black families, knowledge passed from parent to child about giving no cause to be accused of resistance to arrest, don't talk back, go with it, because if you don't, you might not come out of it alive. I understood, hearing that, why the black attitude toward all white people, no exceptions, that we do not understand their situation, no matter how much we think we do. I've known black people have known that for certain all through my lifetime, but nobody ever told me what it was. Of course, I can empathize, one human being to another, but I don't have the brotherhood of the experience, don't have the experience available even to imagination, meaning I can't understand a black individual's experience. Well. They can't understand my experience, either, being of the privileged race.

Given the obvious, that we can't understand each other, why not look at some of the ways we do understand each other and see if we can work out some understanding both ways. Yeah, right. This is obviously a time for hate, with all the hate whipped up among white men by AM radio third grade drop-outs, by the republican party in the Reagan era, which looks like it is soon passing due to absence of substance. These "front-runners" all trying to out-Reagan each other are showing that that the Reagan influence is now a flat tire. The republicans did so much damage over the last 30+ years, I don't see American History ever getting over it. Their intent, of course, is for it not to. It's hard to get over a hole in the bottom of a boat. They may have sunk us yet. It's a big boat, will take awhile to fill to sinking. We don't have far to go. Don't believe white man is going to give up political dominance without an Xhibition of Power. That's just conjecture. It could go like the Ottoman Empire, not with a bang, but a whimper. White men are presently giving over power to women. Today's statistic is that
in 40% of American marriages, the woman makes more than the man. That percentage is rising as there are more women in college now than men. Evidently, it won't be long before it is on the other side of 50%.

It is even looking like men, collectively, are tired of the burden of power, the burden of having to be the family breadwinner, tired of working all the time at shit jobs for next to nothing. I have suspected for several years that men are collectively growing weary of all that is expected of us from the time we're called "little man." Over and over we see local law enforcement all over the country to be people without any education in the law. They arrest on what they think oughta be the law, then it gets thrown out in court, because it's not the law. Then it's liberal judges and liberal lawyers, where, as usual, liberal means educated. The republican contempt for liberals is an extreme form of American anti-intellectualism. An expression of the general American disdain for eduction, which goes all the way back to the cowboys and the pilgrims, to the Plymouth Rock of  our mythology. Antintellectualism devolved to anti-intelligence, to anti-paying attention, to comatose, which is where we are now thanks to so many ignorant decisions in the past by people who hold anti-intelligence high up like a winner's trophy. We'll be a long time coming up out of the educational slump since the introduction of television. By now, the people making decisions with their heads full of television cannot make a rational decision, or so experience unveils it. 

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