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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


           by tj worthington

So much is changing so fast now I'm seeing things happen that are new and might be a peephole into the future.Throughout my lifetime the word Capitalism has been the unmentionable, the word so sacred you dared not speak it in vain, which would be to speak it at all. It's been Capitalism (the good--the black horse) vs Communism (the evil--the red horse). And you don't dare say anything good about Communism, because it's the enemy of Capitalism. Really? Then you get the Middle East that is not an economic system, but a religion (death--the pale horse). Capitalism and Communism are religions too. Very serious religions, aggressive like Christendom, the kind that bear arms and kill poor people. What I'm seeing that is unusual is Capitalism being talked about on the news, on talk shows, at all. Capitalism is being questioned for its excesses. As an economic system, it has come to the Sheriff of Nottingham taking from the working people and giving to the rich. Reagan introduced this character of Capitalism as the new republican party in 1980. Sheriff of Nottingham crossed with Darth Vader became the way of the Reagan junta: take from the working people and kill the poor. The Reagan solution to AIDS: let em die. That can be documented.

The Reagan agenda has been enforced by republican zealots, shoved down our throats by the Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Rice administration, put into power by the Reagan court stuffed with people who shouldn't be allowed to practice law, who, for what they've done to the American people, would do well to be kept in a prison cell together for the rest of their lives. Scalia and Thomas I'm thinking of, in particular, people I believe a good case could be made for trying them in real court for treason. Some day the extent of the damage will be known that the Bush etal administration did to the American people, and when that is being assessed, the entire period from 1980 to present will be seen for what it was, capitalism's excesses cut loose. It was like giving fraternities freedom from prosecution, which was done long, long ago. The laws are not written for the privileged. They're about keeping the thick-fingered masses under control. The masses all over the world are so poor now, and the American standard of living taking such a sudden drop due to American corporations using Asian sweat shops, crisis appears inevitable, soon.

When American working class men, aka rednecks, the kind of fellers that drive pickups with a round NRA sticker in the lower left of the back window, and a bumper sticker that says Insured by .357 magnum, when they feel suckered and alienated, look out. Nam already burnt them a blister. These guys have arsenals at home. They have fought in Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan. They are people you do not fuck with. When they get mad and drunk too, you better stand back, because something's about to happen. They salve their wounds with liquor. These are the first people to feel the crunch when economies start to tank, the first ones out of work. Fighting with the old lady over money all the time, kids in the way whining because of money, daddy's lid's about to pop. His purpose in life is his family. When his wife and kids are threatened, the redneck man comes undone. He turns into a tiger and a wolf and whatever else it takes. In his mind's eye, Rambo. Sometimes, they kill themselves. Militias are everywhere. And these are some of the guys that are in them. A government does not want to alienate this aspect of its population, though it already has. Turn the Army against them and we have a civil war without end. When too many working class men cannot keep their families taken care of, something will happen. Tim McVeigh thought he was starting that revolution, but there were not yet enough who saw what he saw.

I hear on the news every once in awhile, kind of like in the back pages, a mention of the process Karl Marx articulated in his writing. This was also the time of Darwin's evolution. Marx was looking at social evolution scientifically. From today's standpoint, the communist countries, USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, are not really communist. I tend to think of them as militant socialism. According to the way Marx saw it, we have not had communism yet. Communism is the next system that follows capitalism. Capitalism must run its course, all the way to its excesses consuming itself. Coincidentally, as Limbaugh's own excesses are now consuming him. I'm seeing the Reaganista junta brought us to this place of bank failures, again. The only truth I ever heard W Bush speak was when he was running the first time, "I am the new Ronald Reagan." I thought: no shit. Another puppet representing the Texas Oil Cartel and the Southern California, Arizona John Birch maniacs, Charlton Heston one of them. Reagan cut loose the greed that turned the banks into loan sharks that bankrupted themselves and everybody else.

Death Valley Days is what I call the Reagan period from 1980 to now. The Reagan influence was false from the very beginning, basing its "vision" on novelist Ayn Rand. She wrote about capitalism at its greatest when the rich live underground and in remote places to keep themselves apart from the rabble. Like the Arkansas Waltons of Walmrat. It was about taking from the working people and giving to the rich. Reaganism tried to make bullshit walk, but it doesn't have feet. The attempt at using puppet politicians, people who have no minds of their own about anything, people who can largely be counted on to stick to script, if they can remember script, has come to the "frontrunners" in the ongoing series of republicans on tv and the news every day. The 3 stooges redux. When I listen to news, I turn the radio off when these so-called frontrunners start yammering words, words and more words utterly without meaning. Exquisite cocktail party speak, full of exaggerated fake conviction, signifying nothing.

What I'm watching to see if it turns out as I think it is headed, is the collapse of Reaganism simultaneous with the implosion of capitalism. I'm wrong about so much, I don't dare recommend you go by what I say. This is just one individual's way of connecting the dots. It's looking like Capitalism is in crisis. Reaganism is fading fast, the implosion of Limbaugh going with it. Marx said there would be revolution if the governments did not allow the change. The change is a natural flow, sequence of events, evolving from one economic system to the next. An attempt to stop it would be the same as an attempt to dam a river so no water passes beyond that point. A day will come when the pressure of water volume behind the dam would break it. I would prefer to see the transition gentle. It's kind of looking like we're leaving the holy of holies because it turned out to be a mortal god. According to Marx, real communism comes next in the social evolution as Marx outlined it. I'm hearing talk here and there about the fall of capitalism and evolving into what's next. It's the end of the world as we know it.


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