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Friday, March 23, 2012


            marcel duchamp, rotoscope

I'm stuck in a corner. Don't know what to do. This blogger site has become impossible for me to write on. They've put up a new space for writing. I'm gradually learning my way around in it, but have one, no two, furious gripes. One is that the cursor quits working and I have to find it and get it back however I'm able, and then it has to go exactly to the correct pixel or it won't work. This happening three and four times to the line makes me crazy. Of course, this time it's not doing it. I'm able to write freely. On the previous one, I about lost my mind. They put a little box in the lower right corner that says "send feedback." Every day I write and tell them to please go back to the way that works. The new one does not work. The way before worked. I don't care if it's new or old. I only care that it works. And, like I said, now it's working just fine. I still hate it that the place for writing isn't wide enough. I get toward the right edge and everything jumps to the left, opening the extra inch that's out of sight behind a block of some space that is of no use. While I'm writing in a paragraph, every time I reach the end of a line, the whole paragraph jumps and then jumps back. When it was necessary to stop 3 and 4 times per line to find the cursor and fix it so the letters I type on the keyboard appear on the monitor.

Because either the first inch of the lines are out of sight on the left or on the right. When I reread, I have to run the paragraph back and forth so I can unveil the missing inch at either end. The same thing happened with facebook when they changed it for the better. They took the fun completely out of it and the fun never came back. Improving the blog site is messing up the experience of using the site. I want to change to another blog site. I'll give this one a chance to see if it can be fixed so it works consistently. Right now, all is well. Cursor hasn't vanished once. I still hate the way the whole paragraph jumps when I use the last inch of each line. I thought about not using that last inch and return to the beginning of the next line before reaching the end of the line before. All that would do is mess up everything and throw words all over the place making it incomprehensible. I'm assuming that in its newness it has glitches. Also seeing that its newness is all strange to me and I have to figure everything out. Every day I send feedback saying I hate it. They want the feedback and I want to vent, so it's a win-win.

The writing throughout these two paragraphs has flowed like it used to before the changes. Maybe they're working on glitches. I'll trust that they will have it right in a few days or weeks. The site has been good all the way along. I've been at it 3 years and have not had any problems until now. I can't write freely if I have to stop 3 and 4 times per line to get the cursor back where it belongs, or whatever this straight vertical line is called that leads the letters across the line. Can't focus. No point in attempting the writing if I can't focus. When I wrote the feedback, I wrote as to a robot. They write to me as if I'm a robot, so I write to them as if they're robots. I suspect they really might be. Like netflix is just a computer, might be just a computer too. I really don't want to switch over to another blog site. If blogger keeps it so I can't focus, I can't write. But, this time everything is working all right. No problems. Everything flowing smoothly.

I'm glad I went ahead and started this. Don't know what made the change. All the frustration is gone. Now that I can focus in the writing, I can get used to the paragraph jumping when I come to the end of a line because of this block of useless space on the right side. I didn't want to go to bed wonderinf if I'd have to find a new blog site tomorrow.


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