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Thursday, March 1, 2012


                           I love how this pic of gingrich looks so
                       much like a preacher that preys on widows

Little did we know that Dan Quayle, who couldn't spell, was the future of the republican party. By now we have a whole cage full of them screeching and swinging from bar to bar. Wouldn't these guys look great in a prison cell together for the next 20 years. Sartre's play, No Exit, dwells on the theme that hell is other people. I don't have to be locked in a cell with any of them to know that. These particular politicians are the most sickening kinds of people on the planet. Don't you know, Romney surely wore a suit and wingtips every day in college. Mr Middle-class Normal. Of course, he never sat back with a j and listened to Pink Floyd. Nothing outta line. No hidden sin. He's certainly not normal, but rates high on the checklist for normal. He's another Al Gore. Models himself after a Ken doll like Britney Spears models herself on Barbie. Think he might have two secret pink corvettes stashed away in a hidden garage?

I know this is silly shit to say, but it's about the silly shit republican "frontrunners." This is more riotous than BushOne and Quayle, W et al, and then McCain and Palin. It's like a stooge show of politicians whose minds are still in the 1950s. They're still worried about niggers getting free money. They've cornered themselves with the white half of the population, clinging to their racism. That half shrinks as every year goes by now. They're alienating women, half of the white half of their constituency. They're known as the racist party by every non-white individual in USA. I feel like Nixon was the last moderately intelligent man we've had for president from the republicans. He didn't use his intelligence very well. He used it to get what he wanted all the way to the top, but, alas, couldn't sustain it. Seems to me like his intelligence was focused on conniving. We all know somebody like that. If you can't stab another man in the back for it, it aint worth havin. Hit the other man before he hits you. Since Eisenhower, the republicans have been dragging bottom to find their electable candidates. This pack of screeching monkeys, running down each other and Obama, pointing at themselves as right wing enough for the party's owners, not one of them is anything but a wannabe. Like Johnny Depp said at the end of his movie Blow, summing up his life, "my ambition far exceeded my talent." If any of these guys ever comes to, and has a human experience, besides adultery, this is what they'll say.

I can then turn it around and look at me from their perspective. First, I don't have enough money for them to pay any attention to. I don't drive a Cadillac or a Mercedes or a Lincoln Navigator. I'm no contributor to the economy. I live on Social Security, grateful for it every day of my life. Republicans are step-by-step chipping away at the foundation of Social Security. Unless we stop the republicans, Social Security (for working people) will go away. They're putting on such a poor and alienating show this year I can't stand to turn on the news anymore. Who wants to hear anything about Newt Gingrich? Not me. They're not interested in me any way you look at it. I don't belong to a country club, don't belong to a church, don't belong...don't belong. Simply, don't belong. One day at a lunch table a guy I slightly knew who was in the Lions club said, "Would you like to join...." I interrupted him and said, "No." He said, "You don't know what I was going to ask you to join." I said, "I don't join." He didn't know what to make of that. Neither would a politican. Politicians don't like people like me. Runs both ways, as it always does.

When it comes to my vote, I cast my digit with anyone running against a republican. I think of it a vote against fascisim, a vote for democracy. Not that I think the democrats have democracy under control. The democrat party has followed the republican lead all the way through my lifetime. Republicans take a step to the right. Democrats take a step to the right. It's a repeating pattern. Has been since 1980. I'm of two minds about Obama. One, he concedes to the republican death star with far too much regularity for my satisfaction. I have to stretch to give him the benefit of the doubt, yet at the same time, what looked like it went against us at the time, turned out to be in our favor. I think I've seen him pull off some very clever strategy in the constant rain of republican attacks. It took him over 3 years to do it, but he prevailed so far. He had to learn to strategize from the start against an oppononent with no bottom to how low he can go. I'd guess he'll be a formidable opponent this time, mainly because the opposition will be so weak, like last time.

I can't help but be happy we have a truly educated president, who is a learner too. The one thing I appreciate about Obama the most is he has little to no denial in him. After the video game president, a truly educated man running for president seems like an oxymoron. I thought all the intelligent people have been staying out of politics. Turns out, they've been staying out of the republican party. All they get is brain-dead normal. Carter, Clinton and Obama are all very well educated and intelligent men. The republicans beat them down and tricked them, used ignorance to trump intelligence, which it can be counted on to do. I figured McCain would have learned something after his time in the Hanoi Hilton, but he didn't learn anything. Or so it appears. I don't know him. I only hear him make retarded party line statements on the news. He's like Virginia Foxx (our NW NC "representative" parrot) in drag. Oh, that's a bad thought. What a picture it makes. Like J Edgar Hoover in drag. Phew. Enough. Come back up out of that dark hole. Get my feet back on the ground. Get that image out of my mind.

I doubted Obama for quite a long time, but had to remind myself the relentless opposition was set on being opposition and nothing else. Looks like he handled the republican problem, handled it well. It does look like and feel like the economy is at least steady these days. That's a pretty big undertaking. Snatching binLaden was an outstanding coup. Allowed to, he gets along well with the people of color internationally that American politicians are unable to make sense with. I don't have a great deal of confidence in the democrats. I think of what Ralph Nader said to justify screwing up the vote for the democrats, the republicans will get us there fastest. We need to get through it. The sooner the better. I take it he meant take us to police state first. Democrats are heading us in that direction too, pretending not to. Republicans are all-out unfettered zealots for police state. I believe the cycle is, when we come to police state there will be a revolution to bring us back to democracy.

I don't quite see going into a revolution knowing how it's going to turn out. My problem with that social theory is: what if there's no revolution and the television audience likes police state? In that case, I'd rather it take longer to get here. At least give me a chance to get out of here first. We could have a COPS channel and watch black people get arrested all day and all night. Sit back with nachos and beer in the recliner, watch white cops shove a black teenage boy to the pavement, push the side of his face into the street, handcuff him, act righteous, got him a nigger. That's what they want to do with Obama, arrest him with his shirt off on COPS and shove him into the back seat of a police car, humiliate him on tv. I've not seen a lot of COPS, though from time to time at somebody's house, channel-surfing, it comes up, we watch an arrest and keep on surfin. Every time I've seen a black man arrested before a tv camera by white cops, I see a Christ figure. Crucify the nigger. It's the most outrageous thing I've seen on tv that is pretty much overloaded with the outrageous, as it is. For some odd reason, I feel complicit in the activity of arresting black boys to entertain fat white men. I feel dirty. I feel shame for my race like the Dixie Chicks felt for being from the same state Bush was from.


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