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Saturday, March 19, 2011


bird trough

They say the moon will be the biggest tonight it gets, because it's the closest to the earth it gets. It is 30,000 miles closer. Closer than what? I don't know. And it will be 30% brighter. I don't see it. Possibly overcast or it hasn't come up yet. It's always overcast here when something cosmic happens. In August when we have meteor showers it's almost always overcast. I remember a time it was not overcast. I went to look and didn't see any more than usual, one every once in awhile. Came back in the house.

When I've left the country, went to Europe or Brittain, everything was different, except the moon. It was always the same moon everywhere I've been, coast to coast USA, on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean. No matter how different the place might be from my home where the moon is a constant part of the skyscape, when I see the moon, I feel at home. There was a time I paid attention to what sign it was in every night and where the planets were in the sky. In my astrology chart the moon is in Cancer in my 8th house. Don't ask me what that means. It means I am who I am. I went just now to and looked up my horoscope and its translation. According to the moon in Cancer, I respond to the emotional tone and atmosphere around me. That's definitely so. It also said I have fluctuating and unpredictable moods. That's true too. Anybody who has read a few of these writings can see that. When I'm unpredictable, I can say it's nothing but my inner moon.

Unpredictable brought to mind a moment I saw in a documentary, MURDER ON A SUNDAY MORNING, a pair of lawyers working a case in Jacksonville. The lawyer, Pat McGuinness, told about the day of the trial, a police detective he knew was lying in court made a wise crack during a break about him smoking. He said, "I always like a cigarette before sex." He said he meant when they go back into the courtroom he was going to screw this detective by tripping him up in his lies. I bring this up as an example of unpredictable. The detective knew he'd be on the stand when they returned to the courtroom, knew he was referring to the questioning as sex and probably wondered what he meant until it was over and he realized he'd been screwed.


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