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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


the flow

A day of weather all the way along. It started with very light sprinkles and stayed like that all day, sometimes increasing intensity until it was a light rain full of tiny ice crystals that melted as they slid down the glass on the car. I heard the ground was white at Laurel Springs and Ashe County. In town all day for doctor's appointment, some coffee at Selma's, lunch at the Pines with Jim Winfield, back to Selma's for a couple hours, then home and a long nap. Temperature 2 and 3 degrees above freezing all day.

I met wife and 2 kids of the new Episcopal priest, or whatever they're called, at Selma's. They live half a mile up the road. Actually, my nearest neighbor to the East. I'd been half curious about them, spoken with him once, had seen her go by in a car, knew where they were, and paid them no mind. It wasn't rejection on my part, sorta. It's just how I am. I'm getting surrounded by suburban middle class. The ones I've got to know don't really trip my trigger, as it was suburban middle class that set me in flight from the city, to get away from that mind. Now, they're all around here and the threat of another wave after this so-called Economic Downturn for the rich, and Depression for the working class. The working class has been in Depression since the year 2000, but the news tells about the situation from the point of view of the stock market that bore little resemblance to how things were out in the world.

The oil corporations have us where they want us. This last jump in price a big one of about 20c per gallon. Before, there was public outcry, enough to be noted on the news, when gas prices went up a nickel. Now a 20c leap and nobody even squeaks. We accept. By now, the American people have learned we have nothing to do with anything. We're out. We're not a consideration. On the tv you never see anybody of the working class. TV is about positive thinking, being upbeat, pretty, prosperous. The working class is none of these. The working class is in Depression, has been for a long time and is getting used to it as the new way of life, not as a passing thing. In the times I see tv, I never see anyone of the working class. It's all middle class. The news almost never shows anyone of the working class in it's slide-show of the day's worst events, unless there's a murder, a flood or drug bust. The news people talk about middle class execs looking for jobs. They never tell about working class people absolutely out of work and nothing to look for.

In Amerca we gloss over, bury under the rug, deny. That's how we got to be Number One. Primarily, it is denied that there even is a working class, and never that the working class is the working poor. In this time of gas prices shooting upward, of course, prices increase in everything else, because everything is shipped by truck. But the working people get no raises. Can't afford to pay people. The working poor had it as bad as it could be lived some years ago. Now, and for several years, the working poor are strapped, unable to find anything. Our government once was talking on the news about starving out the Iraqi people inspiring them to start a revolution. It didn't happen. They just got poorer and poorer and fatal diseases spread. American people will never have anything like a revolution as long as they continue locked into Oprah telling us on television we're not supposed to be depressed. Take more pills. Smile pretty. Act like you like it. Screw you if you don't. It's your fault you're not prosperous. Look at all the people that are. You're a loser if you're not rich and you don't deserve anything but poverty.

I honestly do not see Obama doing anything about it. The black people have calmed down on his behalf. He's not done anything that would help the working poor, has not done anything to undo the travesties of the Cheney-Rummy-Bush-Rice Junta. The worst of the travesties are still in place and will go on being in place. The bankers that created the "economic downturn" reaped double-fold with government support, while the people they ripped off were told to take a jump. Get over it. Suck it up, as they say on tv these days. This is why I call Obama a Republican. He's done nothing for the working poor and a very great deal for the rich. What's that spell? Republican. They put up McCain to oppose him, which was the same as nothing. Obama was their man. When I put these words down, I feel a longing to delete them as wrong, but can't find a way to see it like that.


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