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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


mercury up close

Mercury went retrograde today, will go backwards until April 23. An online astrologer said the retrograde will cause much misinterpretation. I thought that was the human condition in all astrological conditions. Yesterday I saw a big one. Fortunately, it was not my own. A man told a woman he didn't know that he didn't approve of what she was doing. She let him have it, loud and uninhibited. I believed he would have known better, but he hasn't lived in the mountains very long and she lived here all her life. I don't ever tell somebody I don't approve of what they're doing, because it doesn't matter what I approve or disapprove in somebody else's decision making for self, unless it directly involves me. I thought he knew better than to talk to somebody like that. He got his learning. I doubt he'll do it again any time soon. That was the day before Mercury went retrograde. Misinterpretations go on all the time. Actually, I'm thinking the word interpretation only has meaning when it includes the prefix mis. Bring it on, Mercury. See if you can make it any crazier than it already is.

When illusion is the nature of our world, I don't see how there can be any real understanding via interpretation. I've an idea we pretend to understand more than we actually do. Pretend to ourselves. When you start thinking about how a misinterpretation of one thing can create a misunderstanding of something else, which goes on misunderstanding the next step, until the belief that the conclusion is correct, it gets way beyond the mind's ability to contain all the weavings, like a spider web made by a spider on lsd. It's too much to conceptualize in the mind, so we give it no attention, take it for granted there is actually some understanding going on. Don't want to entertain the thought of there being no understanding. Then what? Yet, bridges continue to carry millions of cars, trucks and trains over rivers. It takes some confidence in interpretation and understanding to set out to engineer a river bridge. There isn't much room for misunderstandings building a bridge, ask the guys that have fallen into the freshly poured cement foundations that hold the bridge up. Thought the step would hold, but it didn't. They misinterpreted.

There is something about Mercury retrograde I have seen often, that communication breaks down inexplicably from time to time. Understandings between two people, telephones, computers, like that, processes of communication go haywire. I have a friend who figuratively counts the days til the end of a Mercury retrograde, anxious to get back to things making sense again, or seeming to. Maybe I'm used to things not making sense, which may help me not notice a Mercury retrograde so much. Though one thing gives me a little pause. Friday I'm having lunch with a friend of many misinterpretations between us. Misinterpretations come real easy between us. No problem. Basic respect allows for misunderstandings. We regard each other with respect and don't have problems other than a temporary Harumph from time to time. I'll pay attention to our communication Friday and see if anything is different. Of course, there is always something different. How will I know Mercury's influence? Probably won't.


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