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Saturday, March 5, 2011



It's a lazy rainy day. Steady slow rain all day from morning to night. Temp in the 50s all day, which is still cold, and all the colder with rain. The sounds of rain all day. Read a little bit about white men deceiving and killing Indians. In the mail came a movie, BODY OF LIES, a "company" film about ops in Amman, Jordan, Leonardo diCaprio and Russell Crowe. It was recommended last week by a friend who saw it. Those two names, diCaprio and Crowe put me off of seeing it when it was recommended at netflix. Movies with big stars in them I tend to stay away from, though see several. I'm remembering the buzz about the cute Leonardo diCaprio in Titanic and before. Titanic put him over into Hollywood movies. I didn't like Gangs of New York at all. I continue to look at him as a kind of male Britney Spears.

I saw in this film, Body of Lies that diCaprio has grown up and now is a more experienced actor in what turned out to be quite a good film. Ridley Scott made it. I took a nap after seeing it, then after the nap chose to watch it again. Like I said, lazy day. Liked it better the second time. Liked it plenty the first time. May see it again tomorrow. It brings SYRIANA to mind all the way through it. It's not an imitation, just a film made of the Middle East tensions about the Great Satan. The world where the USA is the enemy, making bogus deals, going for American advantage whatever the cost in lives as well as money. American arrogance points to the belief that we're Number One, the best, throughout the film. The attitude of our government toward the poor in the Arab world is the same as the attitude toward the poor in our world, in need of population control. DiCaprio's character was depicted as a complex sort of guy whose heart this kind of life has not yet shut completely down. By the end of the movie, our man has quit the company after the big ordeal that is the story and decided to expatriate to the Middle East, Amman in particular. He went native.

It's odd that I'm reading about white man treachery and deceit shutting down the Indians, and this movie was white man using treachery and deceit in the Arab world shutting down unfriendlies. In both cases, 19th Century US Army, 21st Century CIA, same attitudes toward non-whites, same indifference to killing children and women. At war with the colored people of the world. Like the line in the Randy Newman song about rednecks, keepin the niggers down.  That includes the gooks and the towelheads. Now that the American electorate is half colored and half white, the white man's party wants to shut down the borders. Don't send us any more poor. The Statue of Liberty is history. It has historical meaning. Doesn't apply to us. Now it's send only the white and the rich. Colored stay home. Can't have the colored outnumbering the whites.

When I learned the deep South states had more than 50 percent black in the population, I understood why the South shut down democracy way back then. Now, nationally, the colored population is creeping now toward outnumbering the whites. This is why I call the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfelt-Rice administration the white man's last stand. A legitimately elected black man for President was surely a sharp stick in the eye. Karl Rove manipulated the anger over the unthinkable into a propaganda driven force called the Tea Party that is now putting incompetents into Congress and state governments who have no idea about anything, parrots. And that's what is wanted, devotion to the Party Line. Virginia Foxx, for example. Democracy is in danger of being shut down again by racism. Keepin em down. This time it's the whole country and the Spanish speaking people too.

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