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Friday, March 25, 2011


skeeter & the skidmarks

  scott freeman, fiddle; edwin lacy, banjo

sandy grover mason, bass; willard gayheart, guitar

willard gayheart, guitar

 edwin lacy, banjo

Skeeter & the Skidmarks played again at the Front Porch in Woodlawn. It was their 4th show since the beginning of the series almost a year ago. The audience was the biggest crowd yet, 50. Nearly all the faces are familiar by now. The band has developed a fan base in Woodlawn by now. They already have a fan base spread all over the country. Working on their 3rd album after about 15 years since the 2nd one. Edwin Lacy back in the area has made the band possible again.

The band gave out when Edwin had to go away to Ohio to a Presbyterian seminary, then was stationed in Indiana. There was no music where he was. He ached to be back here with the music. He fell into a position in Bristol TN/VA and now is close enough that Skeeter can play again. While Edwin was away, Scott and Willard had a band, Alternate Roots, a good bluegrass band, my favorite band, period. After 4 cds they gave out. Then Edwin came home and Skeeter is reborn. They're gradually putting together a new cd, getting together to record a few songs at a time.

It was a great show tonight, loaded with Skeeter energy.


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