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Thursday, April 21, 2011


emergence by tj worthington

I've let myself fall behind in uploading videos to YouTube, and don't aim to fall behind again. Today I put up Steve Lewis Trio from a few weeks ago. They are such good music. Steve and Scott Freeman play as feverishly together as Scott and Edwin Lacy, Scott and Willard Gayheart. These people are Scott's intimate music circle, people he can open up with playing his mandolin or fiddle, people he has made music with over many multiple hours and years. In their own world of music, they are artists that learn from one another how to interpret songs, write songs, and find a way to get a certain elusive sound.

Tomorrow I'll be putting up Jeanette and Johnny Williams playing bluegrass with Scott. I fell behind dreading the initial act of running through the individual videos to make notes of what number corresponds to what song, who is playing what and who is singing. It's nothing to dread, but I don't see that until doing it and remembering how much fun it was. The deal is, it took putting aside a couple hours to go through everything, and it was awhile before I found a couple hours. There were several spans of plenty of time, but I didn't feel like it, preferred doing something else. Now I feel like it and the Steve Lewis Trio is about all uploaded by now, all that I'm going to put up, ten.

Tomorrow I'll start getting Jeanette's show up before I got to Woodlawn Friday night for this week's music, which I believe will be Jimmy Zeh, banjo; Scott Freeman, mandolin and fiddle; Willard Gayheart, guitar; Mike Gayheart, bass. I'll want to get that online right away this time. Friday comes around awfully fast. That will be a night of good music. I like to have them done by end of weekend. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by too much. I don't go faster anymore when too much needs doing, just take longer. I'm not one to go in a hurry any more. This is my rebellious activity in a world where only money matters. I'm putting art online, like a whole lot of other people, for free. Expenses incurred are mine. It's my project. I do it for the musicians, to get them represented at YouTube where more and more people can hear them. I believe they're too good to go without recording in one way or another to catch and share this music they make.

You can find them at my channel. I'm hobblealong1. You can get all my videos up by putting that in the search box. You can put Steve Lewis Trio in the search box. Or Scott Freeman. You might want to put maybe bluegrass after their names, because they're not the only people with those names. They have other videos on YouTube from when they were at the Cook Shack down around Union Grove fairly recently. I enter the names of the band members in such a way that writing in Willard Gayheart, you'll get a pretty good list of videos to pick from. Willard had converted me to like those old Gene Autry and Sons of the Pioneer songs, My Little Red Wagon, Sweet Virginia, I'm Only Blue When it Rains. Wonderful beautiful songs that I've never paid attention to. Now they are brought to life by Willard who sings them so well I carry Willard songs in my head during the day.

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