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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


talladega 2011

These are some pictures from Sunday's NASCAR race on tv. Talladega, Alabama. It was an undramatic race with few crashes and some incredible avoidance of crashes. 191-192-193 in the straightaways. It was a long race on a good track. Though it looked like matchbox cars running around in circles, they were racing. It was a race all the way to the finish line. Toward the end, when it was time for the drivers to be positioning for the lead, the lanes were so packed with cars it was not possible for any changes of position. Bumper to bumper, side to side, 190+ bearing down on it.

A hole opened for Jimmie Johnson in the last few seconds and his team mate Earnhart Jr literally pushed him over the finish line one foot ahead of the car next to him. Won by .002 sec. Three went across the finish line side by side, a few thousandths of a second apart. It was the kind of race I like, where they race all the way with the least number of cars eliminated by blown engines or crashes. I like to see them go at it with experienced slick maneuvering. It's like interstate full-tilt, highway patrol on strike.

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