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Saturday, April 2, 2011


goat rock in a cloud

My interest continues to follow the most interesting subject of the fish swimming in the aquarium of the mind. In the Bible prophesies, everybody is focused on Armageddon, the big destruction, the ultimate Bruce Willis movie. I tend not to see it as blowing us back to the stone age sort of thing. Not anywhere near it. Like the Jews waited for the messiah and missed him, Christians, I have an idea, are waiting for something, waiting for their interpretation of the scripture to come to pass, and what they're waiting for has to go on by, because, like the Jews before them, they're not recognizing him, he's not like their (mis)interpretation. So the Battle of Armageddon may be another television war coming up soon. Maybe it will be something more like the Battle of Gettysburg, the one that says: This is enough! No more war! Of course, to say "no more war" in America is subversive.

I can't think of that concept, Battle of Armageddon, as anything but the end of the world as we know it, like the Mayan calendar when it runs out, the end of the world as we know it. The entire 20th century has been the end of the world as we knew it. We went from horses and foot to cars, trains, planes, from sailboats to "cigar" boats that can skim the surface of the water, from candles to lightbulbs. It had been that old way for a few thousand years. That was the world as we knew it. Now we have littered the heavens with satellites and other junk reminiscent of Ed Sander's early 70s album, Beer Cans On The Moon. "Sittin in the geodesic honky tonk, lookin, lookin, lookin, lookin----lookin at the beer cans on the moo-oon." The "world as we know it" is already gone and a new world in its place. Yet, the new world is changing so fast that in this moment of high-tech discovery, even the new world is no longer the world as we know it.

This long process of change once we got electricity, the second fire Prometheus gifted humanity, we've been exploring the possibilities with electricity and with oil. In a hundred years or so, oil will run out. Electricity is made by oil. This means the next hundred years will have to be tremendously inventive years for how to live without oil, specifically how to make electricity without oil. Ways will be found. Ways are already known. We always tend to adapt at the last minute collectively, like we adapt at the last minute individually, cram for exams, stay up all night to meet a deadline.

It's how we do things. It always works. Economy will recede the whole time. It's not like this is going to make a great deal of difference to most people, considering 2/3 of the people on earth live in poverty. Only the 1/3 outside poverty, most of whom are are the working poor, the management class and the ruling class that takes several billion in profits, pays no taxes on it, gets welfare payments from the government, too. One of those multiple billions in profit would bring everybody in unskilled labor, Walmart, up to a living wage. Lord Have Mercy No! This is Capitalism, not Communism.

My mind wants to see into that thousand years of peace after Armageddon. To have peace, USA can no longer be king of the hill, the love of money can no longer be the guiding light, all survivors of the Harvest, perhaps a quarter of the present population, will have to share something deeply spiritual in common, like maybe the Return, if it hasn't already happened. If it has happened, it will maybe be recognized from books by the people who noticed, which will become gospels. That came out of my mind, not out of reality, telling me it will not be like that, but it will be something powerful that will hold everybody's attention in a collective belief system that lasts at least a thousand years. The prophesies say the world will get so greedy, so disgustingly material, so devoid of spirit, keeping up with money and all that it buys. We've already reached that place. We're still in it. We're in the place that must come crashing down before we can have a thousand years of peace. Like an old skyscraper has to come down so a new skyscraper can be put in its place. It will when it doesn't work anymore. It's in the self-destruct mode of Excess on the credit plan. Can't wait. I want to get on to the thousand years of peace.


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