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Monday, April 11, 2011


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In a movie a few days ago a man was talking about a blog and the other man dismissed it because, "Everybody's writing a blog." Really? Glad he told me, I hadn't noticed. I think from last time I looked there are about a dozen blogs in the county. Around 10,000 people in the county. Possibly a dozen with blogs. Everybody? What he was saying by way of this exaggeration was it's not cool any more, too many people doing it for it to be cool. I'm not one to surf blogs, but do from time to time. I see some very amazing stuff blogged. Every kind of thing. A lot of suburban parents showcasing their babies and using the blog to record the kid's early childhood. That's just one genre.

I like about the blog that it is so democratic. Democracy isn't cool any more either, so they make a good fit. Democratic in that anyone can have a blog or several with any purpose or no purpose. I love that about the blog. The name "blog" is not right, but it's too well known by now to change it. Therefore, blog is what it is. Mine is a way to make myself write something every day. If I were to do this in a notebook, it wouldn't last a week. But online with unknown people seeing it, I feel compelled to keep it going. Doing it so a few people can see something every day, whoever finds it and chooses to see it again.

The only people I know of reading the blog are a few here who have told me they see it. Somebody is seeing it several times a week from South Korea, somebody in China, somebody in Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, UK, Germany, Sweden, and several other places. I think that's fabulous. I don't need a big readership of several thousand. I like small numbers. The blog gets seen average 30-50 times a day. I assume several of those views are by the same people. Whatever the case, there is someone in each of several countries who resonates with what I'm writing enough to return several days a week. I've made no effort to make it eye candy. Reading is so of the past, but I and many people do it anyway. Thought I'd make a writing blog without concern if no one ever saw it. Everything doesn't have to bow to a way of doing things that will draw the attention of thousands. I prefer a few to many.

The blog's only purpose is that I write in it every day. It's about making me write something every day. The writing itself is the purpose. Each entry is not something I'm putting up for debate. I see them like prose poems, brief essays, entities unto themselves. Who would want to debate Robert Frost on his poems, like Swinger of Birches. It's an entity unto itself. It's not up for disapproval or approval. It just is what it is. This is a major reason I can't join a church. I'm not putting self up for evaluation to be approved. For such a panel of judges I'm inclined to say I drink, smoke, cuss, am somewhat contrary, laugh at race jokes, don't practice political correctness, don't believe the virgin birth, and none of that is gonna change.

When it comes to religion, I go by the red words and nothing else. In politics, I'm for We The People; therefore, a Peacenik anti-Republican, even a tree-hugger. I'm everything objectionable to militarists. I don't care if militarism has been our human way since the start, I am not of that mind, nor will I entertain it. If militarism is the most masculine activity there is, then I'm the least masculine. That's another ladder I'm at the bottom of. On a totem pole, my face is the one on the bottom with grass grown up around it that hasn't been weed-eaten. That's why I like having maybe a few dozen people reading my daily sorta journal. I try to make it interesting for my friends reading it frequently or once in awhile or almost never. Every day a surprise, sometimes not.

All that matters to me is that whoever is reading whatever it is comes away with perhaps an insight or two, or a feeling of confidence that whoever you are is ok. Maybe that's the only real message I have, if you come away from reading one of these things feeling comfortable about who you are, I'm satisfied. Since I've learned by experience what I've been told and have read since childhood that we are souls with bodies, our souls being God (heaven) within, drops from the ocean of Love. The soul in each of us is love. We all want way way down to love and to be loved. That's where I see our authentic selves in that light. The soul is who I'm communicating with through the other's hearing and sight, necessary senses for living in a physical world. I see that light within filtered through belief systems, fears, confusions, sorrows, worries until there's hardly any light left. I believe that's what Jesus meant when he said ye are gods. We have God inside us, but our minds are so preoccupied with money, status, and all the 7 deadly sins, we don't even notice.


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