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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The news and facebook are full of Boston marathon bombs to the point it cannot be ignored. I get it, as far as urban terrorism is concerned, we are in that time. Thirty-plus years of divisive hatred being spewed by the republican party, Rush Limbaugh, the party's philosopher, has kept us seeing a possibility of civil war coming, simply because it takes war to burn off mass hatred. We have a civil war going now in the time of terrorism. Our civil war is carried out by terrorism now instead of farm boys standing in rows shooting at each other with one-shot muskets, burying thousands after every battle. They didn't have bulldozers in that time or backhoes. The graves were dug with shovels. That was a time of low-tech. Now, in the time of high-tech, suicidal individuals can make bombs with directions available on the internet. I say suicidal, not because they blow themselves up, but they always get caught. FBI means business. When they bear down on something with undivided focus, there is no getting away from them. I heard a report today that said several bombs go off every day in cities around the world. This is part of what goes with a "free" society. We have it complicated by the republicans who refuse to allow any kind of help or comfort to the American people, the 99%. They will not permit anything that might make the nigger look good. Their racist purpose is so obvious, you'd think they'd have enough self-awareness to see how they look outside themselves. They can't do that. They can't see themselves from afar. They are right. No two ways about it.

You'd think it would get embarrassing for them as their racist purpose is so up front and out in the open. The republicans just don't get it. They are the self-unaware people, the half of the American people below average. Their saying No to everything is a strategy based in a beginners political truth that when you come out against something, you automatically have 50% of the voters with you. From there, you go for the single percentage that wins 51-49. The republicans are staying against the African-American, keeping their percentage steadily at 50%. Though racism has been declared politically incorrect, PC only applies to the part of the population that went to college who were not young republicans. Because children's tv is about diversity, sports is about diversity, sitcoms are about diversity, does not mean racism has gone away or even diminished. Kids go all through school being told diversity is good, black people are equal to white. Get out of school and the world we go into says white people keep the niggers down, do not give them a break, do not give them a chance, put them in prison. It's different out here in the adult world from the world school prepares us for. School has us believing, "Our government wouldn't do THAT!" We laugh at Roman militarism and decadence in movies--in the future they'll be laughing about American militarism and decadence.

After WW2 much fiction and documentary history was written of Nazi atrocities during the war. I see in the time post-American (pre-emptive) invasions, destroying a poor, defenseless country before they destroy us, the middle-east will have a whole generation of historians, documentary film makers and novelists writing about American atrocities all over the middle east. This will happen as surely as after the oceans have risen as far as they will the surveying business will boom remapping the earth. Our government thinks that mind-control of the American people solves all problems before they start without taking into account that the world is watching. The same will happen in South American history and fiction, revealing North American involvement with death squads and the world of drug trafficking. I'm seeing the USA after this time that we're in carrying the name in the future as evil incarnate like the Nazis and Hitler did since WW2. Our Nazi party is the republican party. That will be known in the future, too. It's known now, but not in the mainstream. None of this is new in the American character. We've been a war dependent economy throughout my lifetime. Our greatest export is Xtreme military weapons, sold to be used against the people of the world, anybody. This has been the case since WW2 for sure. It was so throughout the Fifties, the time of the Ugly American. Maybe all of it is necessary because international intrigue is out of control. In that world, there are no laws, only treaties, and nobody pays attention to treaties in America. Not one treaty with the American Indians has ever been honored, unto present day.

So what do we do? What do I do? I'm the only one I can make decisions for. I don't know what to do but keep on keepin on. That's all I can see. When it comes to power in America, I have none and never wanted any. Money is power in America. I've never wanted money either. I've never wanted to be involved in any level of power intrigues. I want people who strategize for power to look at me as too insignificant to even count as one to notice. Oh, he's nobody. That's right, Nobody, the name Odysseus gave for himself to the Cyclops. I want all the players to see me as one not on the playing field. I'll watch the game, let the players slam bang into each other, fool each other, rob each other, do all the competitive boasting they want, and I'll go on about my business feeding the birds and liking Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and David Pakman. I see over and over in my mind over the last several years that movie INDEPENDENCE DAY starring Jeff Goldblum. It concerned gigantic space ships from someplace else taking up all the minerals from the surface of the earth. What was left of earth was threatened. This was symbolic of the corporate rape of the earth's surface going on even more since that film than before. Goldblum tried to defeat the big takeover by hi-tech and failed. The mothership was finally destroyed by an alcoholic crop-dusting pilot. And the world was saved. Monsanto, Halliburton, etc, must be stopped if the earth is to have a future. It will happen.


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