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Monday, April 22, 2013


Grass in the meadows is a foot high. Daffodils, forsythia, and the service (pr: sarvis) trees are blooming in full flower. In the old days before electricity came to the mountains, the service tree flowers were used to decorate graves on "decoration" Sunday in the spring. Now they use plastic flowers bought at the cheapest places they're sold. These mountains are loaded with daffodils. The old farming people liked them. They are easy to maintain and come back every year. Old home places have passed their daffodils on to the kids and grand kids and whoever wants them after the old people are gone and the house gone, too, for being of another time, not practical in this time. The orange tiger lily is all over the mountains, too, by the same progression from old home place to wherever thy get planted. The tiger lily leaves are up about a foot, like the grass in the meadows.

found art by tj worthington

Inevitably at a certain age, one starts to think about one's own passing into the next life. I watch foreign films, at least 2/3 of the films I see. I see landscapes from all over the world and cities from everywhere. In fact, watching foreign films, as well as American films, are good geography lessons. I see cities in Chinese films I've never heard of that are bigger than Los Angeles by a lot, and much more modern. I see beautiful stories and deep dark stories, all different kinds of people and different cultures. I wonder where I will be a baby next. I can't say I would pick a place, because I wouldn't know what to expect from anyplace. The only real request I have for the reincarnation committee is NOT KANSAS. Been there, done that, not going back. My dream to withdraw from insane civilization is a Tibetan refugee community in the mountains of northeastern India. My dream to be involved in the world of art makes me want to be in a city like Copenhagen. I appreciate Denmark because during ww2 when the German occupation required all Jews to wear arm bands with star of David, everyone in Denmark put on the arm band. I would like to be one of a people that think like that.

vada, 21 april 2013, by tjworthington

I don't care where I turn up next time, with some exceptions. I think I've had enough of the American experience for awhile. I got to live in America in its peak of glory, soon after ww2, and have seen it decline from there. The American mind is so incredibly varied, I can't say I have a problem with the American mind, because I like it. I like what it used to be, what I was raised up in, not in everyday life practice, but in belief system. USA I see as Rome becoming Italy. Another generation or two and America's influence in the world will be about the same as Italy's now. Babylon is falling. Given global warming coming on fast, it seems like Scandinavia will be the place to be in near future when forest fires sweep the globe from the heat. It brings to mind the Bible saying about the earth destroyed by "fire next time" after Noah's flood. This is the time of Armageddon coming up soon, burning off the hate in the world, people that hate each other killing each other in masses. The hate in the world is about as extreme as it can get and not be all out war. I like the history of the Appalachian mountains and wouldn't mind being in these mountains next time. Possibly during next lifetime they will become like the Japanese islands when the ocean rises as far as it will. In the time of fire, these mountains will be stripped of trees. Then new kinds of trees will take up, seeds spread by hurricanes, birds and people. Maybe palm trees next. It won't be Margueritaville.

Justin practicing turkey call, by tj worthington
Wherever on earth I spend the rest of this century, I will have another horoscope, another belief system, another cultural influence, everything different, though same consciousness. The 20th Century was full of changes, unsettling changes that kept it in universal war throughout. The changes to come over the next century will be at least as unsettling. In the time of the Armageddon war, there may be so much smoke in the atmosphere it would cool the intensity of global warming for a period of time. Capitalism is going away. It's looking like the Armageddon war will be a chopping block moment in time like ww1 was in its time and ww2 in its time. It may be the crossing point where Capitalism goes out and whatever is next comes in. I would like to live someplace on the earth removed from the war itself. That may be Asia. The war will be of the Jerusalem religions. The Eastern religions are not at war with each other. They have their hypocrisies, but Buddhists are not seething with hatred for Hindus, though Hindus do tend to seethe with hatred for Islamists like Israelis seethe with hatred for Islamists. This hatred needs burning off and it will have its conflagration. This lifetime I found my peace in the Blue Ridge as the world churned.

 crystal's hammock, by tj worthington

Next lifetime I'd like to be in a place where I can live in peace from all the fireworks. Maybe some place like the mountains of Norway around Trondheim. I still think Copenhagen or Stockholm would be places I'd like best to see the changes of this century from, though both may be under water by the end of the century. That is, looking at it from now and where I am now. Things have a way of changing, so I choose not to predict. I prefer to follow the changes like I follow the weather, as it's happening. I can see the ice melt from the Himalayas and vegetation starting up the mountains, first, possibly, in mosses, then small growth, then tree roots taking hold; the erosion process is on, and it won't be long before they are like the Appalachians that were once like the Himalayas. Villages will start, then some will grow into cities and the Himalayan chain could become desirable real estate in today's terms, but no telling what in that time. It won't be long in centuries and lifetimes. The Himalayas could become tropical like the mountains of southern China. I'll be  curious to see what turns art will be taking in the post-Armageddon time. It has the potential to be radically different and beyond anything ever done, a higher-consciousness way of seeing, of thinking, of being. The flow will be to watch the unknown future become history, like now. I would like to learn early to find my center within.

found art by tj worthington

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