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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I see occasional photo-cartoons ("memes") on facebook concluding with "tell the republicans ___________ (fill in the blank)." Some say, Tell John Boner.... Some say, Tell Mitch McConnell.... Some say, tell Congress. I get a laugh of derision out of them every time I see one. Tell Congress? Congress only listens to money, and I don't have enough money for anybody in Congress to notice. In my lifetime, I've seen legislation go toward the corporations vs the people all the way along. By now, We the People have no more rights. Even the Supreme Court is deciding against us. Obama is snuffing our rights as fast as the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice Junta did, just less straight forwardly. He appears more and more to me a Joe Lieberman in black face, a wolf in black sheep outer wear. I continue to pull for him like I pull for race driver Earnhardt Jr, only because it seems anymore Obama's blackness is a sharp stick in the republican eye. Then again, maybe he's not. Sometimes it seems like he and the republicans are working hand-in-hand, giving appearance of opponents to keep us fooled, players playing out a fixed game. It's like our corporate rulers are the ones making decisions and telling democrats and republicans, both, what to do. For example, the "sequester." Obama's apparent strategies to stop it from happening were voided. It was a coup for the republicans that the sequester happened. Put a hundred thousand people out of work (income) and you have a republican victory. More power to the corporations too big to fail (code for prosecute).

It continues to rankle me that the bailout of the Banks "too big to fail" took billions from the tax base of the working people ("middle class") and funneled it up to the 1%. Another corporate coup. Nothing for the people whose retirement accounts and investments went *poof* as a result of the people on Wall St shifting billions from the middle class to ruling class execs. Hell no. Reward the corporations. Give them even billions more from the working people's taxes. The "bailout," according to press releases, kept the economy from tanking. The working people were already tanked. But they don't count. The working people, from the point of view of Capitalism, are the enemy. This, I believe, is the reason the "working class" is never mentioned in media. It's always "middle class," like the middle class is everybody not ruling class. It's self-defeating and funny in a not-funny way that people of the working class don't like to hear of themselves or think of themselves working class. The way things stand now, and will continue into the future, the working class is politicized against itself due entirely to shortcomings in education, easily manipulated by Karl Rove, presently. However, to the benefit of the working class, they are and will be the cops in police state. We'll have lots of police. There won't be taking any cop to court for false arrest, even with video.

The media is corporate and the News outlets are corporate, too-big-to-fail corporate. The news media of every political persuasion never make reference to the working class. The "economic downturn" pushed the working class deeper into the working poor, while corporate profits went up completely out of range, beyond even unreasonable proportion. I hear corporate news (even NPR) day after day and see facebook telling me to tell Congress and republicans what to do. I roll on the floor laughing my ass off. Tell a republican to make sense? It would be the same as telling a cat to stand up on its back feet. Sure, there is a cat that can do it on utube. And surely there is a republican somewhere who is not a screaming meme, like one I saw of Michelle Bachmann excited like she's in church, a republican rally, shouting hallelujah. In the caption, she's screaming, "Sale on Bibles at Walmart!" To quote Larry the Cable Guy, "Now that's funny." I feel like the guy in the English film, BRAZIL, caught in the Kafka world of police state. He escapes it in the end with his girlfriend, after several dreams of flying away. They find an abandoned truck and drive out of the urban mayhem into the country far from urban civilization. This is what I did 37 years ago.

Urban life was not it for me. In the country, fertile ground is my "environment," my context. In the city, cement, asphalt and artificial lawns are my environmental context. It makes for a very different way of thinking than living in the country among trees, deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, raccoons, possums, birds, sometimes a bear. A walk in the woods starts the other side of the road that runs by the house. I came to the mountains as a "Rural Romantic," intuitively knowing I would think differently and feel immensely better living close to the world of trees. Tree vibes are slower and more even than human vibes. I look at skyscrapers in NYC, every window a different consciousness, a honeycomb with cells of people living out their working lives as drones. I wonder what it would be like to live in a cell completely surrounded by thousands of frenetic spirits of human consciousness in the immediate neighborhood, and millions in the whole. In the mountains, my nearest human neighbors are half a mile away, either direction. We're not crowded (yet). The vibes I feel in my immediate environment are trees and birds. I'd rather look out my window and see rhododendron leaves and now daffodils coming up, birds hopping about looking for leftover seeds, than a used car lot, an urban intersection with several stop lights, fluorescent lights blaring all night. Then, there is the constant noise of never-ending traffic and the cloud of pollution that hovers at the level of everybody's apartment, no matter what floor. Even my horoscope says I cannot live like that.


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