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Saturday, December 24, 2011


      new air bellows rock formation

Hearing on the news about Tea Party congressional Mad Hatters angry, irrational, confrotational. An extension of Karl Rove's mind whipped to a froth by Party Philosoph Rush Limbaugh. And they talk about Boner. But they never talk about what these people are doing as strategies. Boner's party out of power is keeping 50% of the vote by saying No. Political rule of thumb: be against something and you have 50% of the vote automatically. It's looking like Boner is hanging onto the 50% in a time when voters are catching on that the Republican Party is a very serious enemy of the working class and the middle class. Well done propaganda trumps knowledge, so knowledge counts for nothing in American politics. In my personal estimation, Gingrich is the most vile elected "representative" I've witnessed in my lifetime. Somebody who points the finger at others over morality, and has none in himself. There is no bottom to how low he is willing to go. One word defines him, like the picture that's worth a thousand words, hypocrite. He has exhibited this definition of himself over the last 30+ years publicly on tv, like he's proud of it.

I can't help but laugh at him divorcing his wife dying of cancer in an Atlanta hospital and marrying a Nordic DC babe to keep his dinger ringing. At the same time he was so self-righteous and indignant about Clinton exercising executive privelege. He is a good example of the saying about pointing the finger, three fingers point back at the one pointing. He isn't daunted that the press is making an issue of his hypocrisy. This is the master propagandist who has orchestrated morons into high public office. He's not interested in substance. Only the glitter pays. He has been the mind of the post-Reagan republican party. There's no chance he'll make president, fortunately, unless by fraud and judicial fiat. He could do that again. 

I understand more every year why Meher Baba recommended to his people that we stay out of politics. I wonder how much it has to do with the karmic burden that goes with it. Like, are W, Rummy, Cheney and Rice karmically responsible for the deaths, misery and crippling injuries of multiple hundreds of thousands of people that result from their decisions? Does Obama and his staff carry a karmic debt over directing a Drone hit of an enemy operative, family and neighbors? I can't see how the Shakespearean ordering of a president assassinated so one can take his place as president can go without some fairly heavy karmic debt. He was eventually defeated by his own lies and went out in infamy. One thing I see in politics is egotism to the Nth degree. That's just the first thing. To survive more than a month in politics, hyprocrisy becomes the mode of operations. It is the rule. The spiritual path in any of the Ways cannot tolerate hypocrisy and strategic lying. Therefore, nobody in politics can be on a spiritual path of any sort, which may be a good thing. Keeps Deistic dogma down. 

There is no way the fundamentalist Baptists of the South and Midwest can benefit from their involvement in politics and political thinking. It will render their words hollow. It will render their faith hollow. It will make them the Hollow Men like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and Jerry Fallwell, who fell very well in relation to the others like him, preachers in politics. Pat Robertson never seems to get it when he's laughed at for his public defenses of blockhead dogma. Maybe he's too distracted with his horses and the stables, to get anything much any more. I have a difficult time paying close attention to a millionaire preacher. Like the Lenny Bruce sayin, Never trust a preacher in a three-piece suit. I have seen the truth of that in this conuty. The only preacher I knew of to wear a three-piece suit watched the money plate and milked little old widows for their wills. He was the essence of pretend humility, and grew old with a million lines on his face. My neighbor, Tom Pruitt, called him a "money preacher." In Tom's old-time religion, a money preacher didn't have anything to say that Tom wanted to hear. I'm the same.

Talking with friend Jim Winfield the other day over lunch, we were picturing this time we're in, right now, as a tremendous number of pieces of paper with a different issue written on each one, all the papers in a bowl. Throw the bowlful of papers into the air and the place we are in today is all these papers with an issue written on each one, in the air, floating toward the floor into an arrangement that is yet to be known. That's about the best I can make of threads of influence. It's like that time at the beginning of WW1 when the anarchist bombed the monarch's carriage in Serbia, the spark that started the war. Seems like any time now something like that can happen. Some inexplicable act somewhere by someone unaware of the full implications of the act, and a conflagration is set off.

Americans and Israelis are pretend sccretly bombing Iran right now. Iran doesn't take this sort of thing lying down. The American and Israeli bid to dominate the Islamic world can only fail. Our economic downturn (media for Depression) came from the beginnings of the attempt to dominate the Middle East and the deeper we dive into that quicksand, the quicker we go to the bottom. They're not going to leave Iran alone, and Iran will retaliate. If they're really looking for an endless war, Iran can give it to them.


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