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Thursday, December 8, 2011


        john baldesari

Now that next year's election is the news, I wonder every day about whether or not to vote. I've known since year 2000 for certain that my vote is meaningless. The Supremes overruled democracy, slapped us in the face and said, Get over it. News is out now the FEMA detention camps that have been constructed since the 1980s at unused military bases, denied until now when it's released to the news they've been activated. They're all over the country. Three of them are to hold a million apiece, meaning the way we do prison in America is 3 or 4 times that many, so let's say 3 million apiece. This is not plans. This is actuality. The corporate takeover of our government means business.

In Europe they're calling us the United States of Goldman Sachs, which happens to be Obama's #1 campaign contributor. Maybe that's why. I've wondered for some time why government bailed out the Banks that were bleeding the American people unto death and said to the middle-class people who lost depressing amounts of money, Tough shit. I wonder no more. It was probably planned as long ago as the FEMA camps were planned. Ever wonder why vampire (blood sucking) themes are popular now on tv, and zombies (the living dead)? Look at movies and television as collective dreams. Then look at the movies in dream interpretation terms. It gets interesting.

In the beginning I wanted to be for Obama, the new Vernon Jordan, an intelligent man for a CHANGE, and now I see the corporate man put in, like everything else corporate, to fool us into believing the reverse of actuality. It was so politically correct to be for Obama in the time of his campaign that I became suspicious of somehing I couldn't put my finger on. By now the fog is lifting and I see more of same, just like I thought I'd been seeing. He has what the country people call a silver tongue. He rose from the bottom so fast that in hind sight it looks suspicious. Affirmative Action. The purpose for putting him in office could have only been to further divide the American people for control---divide and conquer, the natural law strategy. It works. This government we have that is not OF nor BY the American people is bombing Iran and we're getting no news of it. Our government has left, since way back in Nixon and Johnson times, the interest of the American people. We're not in the corporate hierarchy. We don't figure. We are to be manipulated by propaganda to forget about democracy and stay at home, believe what we're told on tv.

We can bring troops home now that we have something for them to do here, like be guards at concentration camps. They're looking at creating a very great deal of dissent, telling me our constitutional government is completely over, government of/by/for "the people" does not mean now what it used to mean. The Supremes declared corporations persons, so now the corporations are "the people." All these detention camps that will hold multiple millions are anticipating something that hasn't happened yet, but evidently is in the sequence of events yet to be. The corporate coup in 1963 is by now turning military. The time we're in right now might be the transition moment from Huxley's vision, Brave New World, to Orwell's vision, 1984. It's looking like they're aiming to push us to the point of revolution and arrest "terrorists," aka protesters, book readers, blog writers, activists of every sort that they will be consciously creating. It's like setting the water to boiling so the people minded toward resistance rise to the surface, get scooped up and "detained."

The enemy this time will be the white middle class. It's from the middle class that revolutions are generated. It's the middle class that is being activated for arrest. Out of this will come a revolution. I believe Thomas Jefferson had something to say about this phenomenon. Karl Marx too. According to Marx, we have not had communism yet. Communism comes after the excesses of capitalism. It said government does not go according to the will of the people, the people will revolt. That's a natural law. He wasn't "advocating" anything. He was merely articulating what he saw as a natural law. But, shit, we have to have a revolution first. This really feels strange to be feeling like people in the French Underground durning Nazi occupation, like living under Ceausescu in Romania, or the Soviets in Poland. It's our turn, evidently. There's nothing I can do about it. I'm negligable, as always. Just another voter/consumer/taxpayer. As a voter, I'm with the opposition. As a consumer, I get by on the minimum. As a taxpayer I get by on the minumum. Negligable. Easily disposed of, won't be missed.


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