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Friday, December 2, 2011


     the view out the window I'm facing

We had an inch of snow yesterday, and today it's gone. We had a week or so of warm weather (60 the high) and now it's cold again, below freezing at night. It is beginning to look like winter is coming in waves this year. The last couple of winters have steadily grown colder and then steadily warmer. It used to be we'd have a cold spell, then a warm spell, not quite as warm as the one before, then another cold spell a little colder than the one before. After the peak of cold, the reverse happens, getting warmer by waves. I've wondered if this change in the winters might have come from the "chem trails" our government put in the sky with aerosol from plane wings for untold (top secret) reasons. I saw one in the sky here. It was about a half a dozen parallel lines left to right and half a dozen parallel lines crossing the others from top to bottom, like in the picture below. It is not a natural formation of cloud. Google chem trails and see. You may have seen some. Government that only lies to us says they are "contrails" and it is imagination that they are anything else. What I saw were not contrails. What I've seen in photographs other people have taken are not contrails. It's another deal of government calling it a conspiracy theory like they say of people who don't believe 2 WTC towers were brought down by towel-heads in a cave in Afghanistan with cell phones. Gimme a break. Donne-moi une pause.

     chem trails like the ones I saw over whitehead

So the first thing we know about chem trails is it is a government project they're lying about, meaning it is not to our good by any way of looking at it. As they say in crime detection, follow the money, seems to me to apply here; follow who reaped the most benefit from it. There are lengthy records of respiratory ailments and deaths after chem trails have been applied to a certain areas all over the country. The ones I saw were over Whitehead. Our presidents are such excellent and practiced liars, we dare not believe anything any of them says. I see the video of Johnson lying to the nation about the Tonkin Gulf Incident that never happened, Johnson telling it like it's serious business. Ronald Reagan couldn't have done it better.

Before the March on Washington in 1968 about the Vietnam war, Johnson called a press conference where he told the reporters what to report about the demonstration yet to take place. They were corporate employees first, so they did what they were told. All "reported" the same story, a totally upfront lie they knew to be a lie when they did what they were told to do, report not what they saw, but the lie Johnson gave them to tell. The Village Voice reporter told about the press conference, and was the only reporter to tell what really happened at the demonstration. Norman Mailer's book, THE ARMIES OF THE NIGHT, told about the press conference that Mailer attended too, as well as what really happened at the event. This was my last active political experience. I dropped politics then as something to commit to. Since 1968 I only vote as a form of protest, to be one of half the population that bothers to play the ballot game. It doesn't matter how I vote, only that I vote. From that day onward, I take voting itself for a protest that says, I WANT DEMOCRACY.

In America we are never given any better than the perceived lesser of the 2 evils to vote for. I've not seen anyone in my lifetime worth voting for. All of them are worth voting against. What do I do? I vote against Republicans as they are the most serious threat to Democracy. It's nothing at all as a gesture, except it is a digit that says, je refuse. My vote has about as much meaning outside myself as a marble thrown out a car window on an interstate. The part I don't get about our national politics now is that it's out in the open, the politicians take it as much for normal as television networks that we the people know they are about money and money only. They blatantly make it clear to us in unmistakable terms, daily, they do not give a rat turd what we think about it. We are the peasants in their eyes and we'd do well to start getting used to it. It's so taken for granted it's not even an issue for discussion. It's the kind of thing that while it's happening, it makes one ask if it hasn't always been like this and we've been hood-winked all the way along. Don't have to search too hard for the answer to that one.

It's kind of obvious I'm unsettled with what I'm hearing in the last week on the news, what I'm reading, conversations with people I know, hearing people talk on NPR radio interviews. I have to say it that Obama fooled me into entertaining a bit of hope on his behalf. As with all the black people in the country, the light of my hope has gone out. I will vote for him again, because he's running against a republican, the reason I voted for him the first time. It's looking like Nuke Gingrich will be the repub front runner. He's starting out this go-round so smooth and slick it's leading me to believe Karl Rove is his strategist. If so, remember Rove put a cocaine snorting cheerleader in the White House and knows he does not have to win an election to take it--just appeal it to the Supremes and the repubs get it. And I'd dare lay odds that all 5 of the partisan judges still gloat over their victory. That was the day the Supremes said to us: When are you going to get it that we're not playing democracy any more? Al Gore got it. Obama has shown himself to be another corporate stooge in the White House. You'd almost think he was white. I can't help but think if Gingrich wins the presidency, December 21, 2012 might indeed be the END. I believe if he were to take the election I'd quit listening to the news altogether, because I'd completely, totally lost confidence in American politics. I still have a glimmer of hope, but suspect I won't very much longer.

In this week's Alleghany News I found a letter to the editor by the county republican party's Supreme Parrot, Joe Jones. Don Conrad wrote a letter to the editor last week that had a sentence in it that slighted a republican. Supreme Parrot fires off a letter to the editor of this month's republican party line twisting everything into unreality, telling Conrad he is wrong. No two ways about it. Shot down by Supreme Parrot. In the years I wrote a weekly column in the paper, every time I wrote a slight of a republican, Joe sent a letter to the editor the next week parroting that month's republican party line and telling the reader I'm wrong. He made my day three times. Another republican parrot in the county did the same thing. After I slighted a republican, predictably these two would fire off letters to the editor to nullify what I'd said with parrot propaganda. I suppose they got their kicks telling themselves they told that wise guy. I've been told off a few times to my face and I can't help it, I have a hard time not breaking out laughing. I have to contain myself. What I'm laughing at is it looks so much like they think I care.

If we the people want our government to go on being our government, we'll need to take it back. It's gone like a caged bird that slipped out of the cage and flew out the open window. Like now that we have a Democrat administration we don't hear anything about repealing the Patriot Act that was so fraudulently thrust upon as, ready in boxes for distribution at the time of the WTC towers. Looking at who benefited, the republican party benefitted, the perfect moment to drop this police state document into our structure of laws without opposition, literally overnight. Even a speed reader didn't have a chance to have it read by the time they passed it. I don't see or hear of any Democrats wanting to repeal it. They obviously are satisfied with it. And I am dissatisfied with them. It's not like I can give them a lot of credit anyway, but now I laugh at them in derision for their so blatantly unconcealed contempt for the American people. Right now, they think they're ahead and we're behind. The tsunami of the 99% is just now starting. A tsunami starts underwater at an earthquake point, travels underwater as a tremendous shock wave. When it reaches the shore it follows the sand to the beach, jumps out of the ocean overwhelming the land. I'm suspecting this Occupy Wall Street activity could be the initial wave setting out from the faultline quake under water (our collective psyche). It will take awhile to travel under water, then it will break out on the surface and you better not be anywhere near the beach.


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