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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


     ed moses

We've had a mild week or two, and this afternoon the wind started and the cold came with it. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in a short time. A little after dark the snow started flying, icy snow, then it stopped. The big wind stopped. The forecast is for wind all night and below freezing. I looked at the 10 day forecast and it looks like sun for the next week followed by a couple days of rain. The cold is coming to us in waves this year. It's been a few years of just a steady decrease in temperature, then a steady increase. We've had a cold wave already, and each cold wave is a little colder than the one before. This one that is moving in tonight will be in the low 40s high, the rest of the day in the 30s, and night in the 20s. We have a rhythm begun of rain for a couple days every week. If it were to go like this all winter, the water table would be ok. Though the only thing that's certain is the weather will not do anything I expect. The weather does not follow anybody's expectation. I sometimes wonder if the weather is a conscious entity whose very nature is unpredictability. However, that's not saying anything. The very essence of our own existence is unpredictability, constant change in sequences of events driven by the winds of the collective human psyche.

When I say of the weather it's a conscious entity, I mean like each one of us is a conscious entity. We in the Western world know so very little about consciousness that it figures not at all in our education. Christendom, it seems, has lost interest in consciousness, preferring the empirical knowledge of substance, of stuff--equals pursuing the development of ego, believes hitting solves problems. Alice Miller, in her book, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, pursues a study to see what hitting does to children. She ultimately maintained that hitting children is the cause of wars. She found Germans hit their children more than any other country in Europe. She studied some extreme cases. Some research revealed a time when little boy Hitler told his mother after a whip lashing by his dad, He hit me 35 times and I never cried once. I can translate this to people in my life, some children of friends who never hit their kids. The kids are now grown, one with a PhD from Berkeley, another with a Doctor of something or other having to do with medicine. Their minds have never been cluttered with hate for somebody you feel guilty hating. That clutter of the mind I've seen in the grown up kids of people I've known, who believed hitting kids was the key, stunts their ability to pursue any kind of study or learning. They rage with anger inside and get their revenge on everybody around them except the source of the anger.

American culture is good at believing hitting solves problems. Punish. Punishment is powerful energy in America. When I look a little deeper into it, it's not just America. It's Christendom. A good documentary film, CONSTANTINE'S SWORD, and book of same title by James Carroll, traces militarist Christendom back to Constantine. By now it's become tradition, expected, predictable, that white Christians are the superior beings on earth. It's not that the rest of the people in the world see it that way, only the white people of Christendom see it that way. They rule the nukes, have used the nukes, and won't mind doing it again. The Christians had their chance to reproduce the Hebrew wars in the time of King David, when the Christians swept the native peoples off the North American continent, believing it their right, genocide their purpose. I don't want to allow myself to find fault, only to analyze the best I'm able. I'm not speaking as an historian or an authority with advanced degrees, but as just another Joe, somebody who reads and pays attention, to a degree. These are my thoughts on what I've seen.


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