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Monday, November 8, 2010


skeeter & the skidmarks at the front porch gallery

All day today I've explored new things I'd never done before. I set out to figure out the Windows DVD Maker on the computer. It finally came to me I can put the shows at the Front Porch and whatever others on dvd. Today's dvd was Skeeter & the Skidmarks. The band did 2 shows at the Front Porch and there was one of Scott and Willard with Edwin Lacey. Then I added some of Scott and Willard. Got about 40 songs on one disk. I want to make copies for Scott and some for Willard, one for each member of the band. I said figure it out above, when the fact is it was already figured out. It was so easy I couldn't believe anything could be that easy, but it was. Now I have a new toy. I can put up everything recorded onto dvd and get them out of the computer, because all the pictures slow it down.

This way we can have the complete recorded works played there. The sound isn't so hot when it's on a tv screen with volume. The high notes on the mandolin, the banjo and the fiddle sound a bit tinny. On the computer the volume isn't so high and it sounds fine. The sound carries very well at lower volume and doesn't have the tinny sound. The digital camera is a FUJIFILM finepix S1500, 10.0 megapixels, and a 12x zoom lens. Got it a year and a half or 2 years ago for $150 at amazon. It's an amazing little camera. It will do so much that I don't try to learn it all. Much of it I don't even understand. But it makes me some great videos and pictures. Making the videos at the Friday night concerts started from taking pictures to email to Scott for his collection, then one night discovered the camera made videos. I tried it, it worked, and I've been doing it more and more ever since. Never dreamed I'd be making music videos.


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