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Saturday, November 20, 2010


willard gayheart

scott freeman

All day I've listened to videos from last night's music, good music, good day of music. While uploading videos to YouTube I'm watching Woodstock for the first time since seeing it in the theater when it was on its theater run. Saw it twice then. This one I got from netflix. It's not entirely the same, I don't think. It was so long ago, 40 years ago, that my memory is not entirely accurate. I'm certain it has been changed, because much of it did not juggle memory. Some did. Santana's Soul Sacrifice, Sly Stone's Higher and Alvin Lee's Goin Home were the same. Whatever the case, it is a great music video. I went into it a bit apprehensive that I might find it boring after all these years, liking acoustic music a great deal and have been immersed in mountain music for several years. On the contrary, I may be enjoying it more than the first viewings. I doubt it. It is fresh and alive for me now. The music is not hard metal. It's the music of the time "classic" rock.

My day has been the music of the Woodstock era on the one hand and Hungry Hash House Ramblers on the other. For my ear, it's not as big a jump as it would seem. Scott and them playing with good drive and excellent musicianship were in pretty close to the same league. Those were often good musicians playing at Woodstock. In both the electric world and the acoustic world I've been occupying today, it's been some good music all day long. Edwin Lacy asked me last night if I'm getting bored of doing all these videos. Lord have mercy, no. If I were getting paid, I'd be bored by now, but it's not for money I'm doing it.

Scott and Willard put on these great shows every week for nothing. They don't make a cent from it. They do it because they love doing it. They're two of my favorte musicians and two of my favorite people. Their band Alternate Roots is still my favorite band. They made 4 cds, each one a gem. Their band before AR, Skeeter & the Skidmarks, had a similar musical energy, though a different sound. I told Willard last night that he has made me appreciate the song, Yellow Rose of Texas, Little Red Wagon, I Love You Nellie. Willard takes old songs like that from the 20s and 30s and brings them to life. Willard writes songs too, good songs. Scott writes songs and composes fiddle tunes. Scott is married to Willard's daughter. Both are creative artists who are always creating something new in music the way they play it. Scott and Willard have made music more than 20 years together and by now have what appears to be an intuitive connection while they're making music.
Talking with Edwin Lacy before the show, I mentioned that after all the shows and watching all the videos, many of them several times, what I've noticed more and more is that Willard is an amazing musician. Edwin seconded that enthusiastically. Scott has talked to me of Willard's musical abilities with the same awe Edwin expressed. Different musicians who have come to play at the Front Porch have noted their respect for Willard's musicianship. I quite honestly feel priveleged to be there among these people of such talent and creative energy. It's good for my own. I feel more among artists with them than I do among painters like me.

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