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Sunday, November 28, 2010


another accidental image

This picture is the countertop at Selma's coffee shop, Backwoods Bean. Camera accidentally went off and this happened. Saturday was choose-n-cut weekend. The coffee shop filled up with people such that I couldn't even go in the door. I went to Food Lion to give some people time to vacate. When I returned, the place was down to the regulars. Selma said she was swamped both Friday and Saturday. Saturday she had help from a Cuban woman named Yvonne. She was small, even tiny, like a miniature. And exquisitely beautiful.

I found at Food Lion a dvd of PINOCCHIO with Pee Wee Herman (Paul Rubens) playing Pinocchio. Had to see it. Pinocchio is one of my favorite stories. I read the original story by Carlo Collodi in paperback 35 years ago. Found a copy of it for a dime at Arnold's Variety Store next to where Teapot Museum was. Also found King Solomon's Mines for a dime. Never really expected to read King Solomon's Mines, but once it started, I was with it all the way. Strangely, I found that both stories had the same foundation. Both stories were adventure tales based in going through the 7 planes to enlightenment.

Pinocchio had 7 adventures that transformed him from a block of wood to "a real boy." King Solomon's Mines had 7 adventures, ending in a cave where the men of the story anticipated they'd be buried alive until they found an opening, and in it they saw the stars in the night sky. Symbolic. Stories happening in this world that are symbolic of the world of the spirit. I've never seen a visual representation of the Pinocchio story that came anywhere near the original in telling the story. Pee Wee was funny and did the character Pinocchio the best I'd seen him, but the rest of it was a bit dreary. They did it like it was on a stage with all the over-acting that goes with the stage. Nonetheless, I was glad to see it. They had the whole story to tell in an hour.

I stayed in bed all day today. Up around 5. Got up for an hour this morning, and went back to sleep. I tend to stay up pretty late during the week and don't get enough sleep. Then on the weekend, sleep and catch up. Listened to the news a bit and it was about credit cards use over the weekend shopping. Turned it off. Maybe I'm taking after Caterpillar who lays about and sleeps all the time. Can't go outside for the dogs, so she stays inside and naps. No Tapo or TarBaby to intimidate into a corner. Her role as Top Cat is over. Nobody left to bully. With the dog that killed TarBaby still coming around, I won't let her outside either unless I watch her closely. By now I regret not killing the dog back when I wanted to.

Having a hell of a time with Microsoft. Microsoft word in this computer will not start up. I have copied the 25 letter-numbers an infinite number of times, and it never takes. I called Microsoft, a girl from India helped me through the process. It worked when she walked me through it, but it didn't take. Next time I wanted to use it, it wouldn't accept the code. I'm looking for a place to email with Microsoft. I can't understand Indian accents very well. I felt like a dog asking her to repeat so often. Couldn't help it. I needed to understand what she was saying.


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