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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


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It can't honestly be said that I was surprised by the election results this morning. I woke early, before light, thought I'd turn on the bedside radio for some news. Right away I heard what the "analysts" had been predicting came true, turned the radio off a minute after turning it on and went back to sleep. I never dreamed in my lifetime I'd see at least 51% of the American people want to throw out the ideal of democracy and take popular American fascism into full police state. Two years is too short a time to forget the progression of the last 30 years, a downhill run on greased skis. Even the American attention span isn't that short.

It looks more like intent than forgetfulness. Makes me all the more grateful I don't have a great deal of time ahead. If you don't believe we're in a police state, maybe you haven't been in an airport over the last 10 years. Police state is the only way the corporate hierarchical (military) mind can be assured of control. The thick-fingered masses are statistics and nothing more. They're taking us down the drain and they know it. Their money is in "off shore" accounts, islands where they're not taxed and our government's taxation doesn't reach them. They have our government fighting wars for their accounts and they don't even pay taxes. We the people are their war machine for taking out defenseless countries in strategic places for oil and the coming water crisis they're well aware of while creating.

They don't need us for a market any more. They make more in Asia, Africa and will in the Middle East when it settles down and sweatshops can be set up everywhere. Our corporations, the corporations that rule us, are bringing up the economies of these places that used to be called Third World, now Developing, and bringing ours down, like siphoning gas from one gas tank into another gas tank, diminishing the one as it brings up the other. And the ones making the decisions to take us, We The People, gradually to a much lower standard of living as they drain our resources and put nothing back, are the ones that don't pay taxes, because they've been setting up the laws with lobbyists over the last half century to their purpose.

The Constitution is an out-dated Enlightenment document with no more relevance than parables about sheep and goats in the age of the New World Order, as they call it. It's looking like our government is representing us with the same interest the Bureau of Indian Affairs took in the Indians. The money went into their accounts and all that reached the Indians were blankets full of disease they had no immunity to. To quote George Bush the First, We're in deep doo-doo. That's a presidential way of saying shit. As long as the corporations control television we'll never reach the ideal of democracy we've been half-heartedly striving toward.

Half the American people, all the way along, want us to progress toward the ideal of democracy, while the other half balks like a mule at the thought of benefiting an African American. Our politics has been an alternating current between the two minds all the way along. The Civil War was an extreme expression of the 2 minds I've come to characterize as the prosecution attorney and the defence attorney. One side milks sleaze for the last little bit of influence sleaze can seize, while the other is kept busy defending itself from assaults by the prosecution that calls it ineffective. This is how it goes down through American history, the ones wanting police state vs the ones wanting democracy. Back and forth it goes. Since 1963 the leaning is more and more heavily toward police state. It's looking like democracy is on the mat being counted out.


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