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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It had to happen and it did. The captain of the Absentee Police called Social Services. The representatives from Adult Protective Services (APS) dropped by at 10:20 this morning waking both of us up. I was sleeping on the floor just inside the door, which I keep locked at night so nobody will walk in on me. Jr heard the knock on the door, which I did not, and hobbled to the door with his walker to let them in. Suddenly, I'm looking up from ankle level at 2 women standing over me, and Jr. A dog's-eye view. I saw Lisa Tucker and knew what was up. Absentee Supercop had done what she told Ross yesterday she was going to do when she clicked the off switch in his ear.

Instantly, I was in a growling mood, complicated with knowing Lisa, knowing she's following orders according to the law, and knowing she's a dear who started working with SS believing that kind of work helped people. It does. I'm very happy with SS except for their abuses of power. Lisa, a Laurel Springs Tucker, is not one to play power games. I used to know her great grandparents, who lived at Cranberry, just down the hill from Double Springs Regular Baptist Church off 113 between Laurel Springs and Piney Creek. Good people, the best kind of people you could know, and that's not exaggeration. When I see Lisa, I see good people.

The involvement of Absentee Supercop is what had me irritated. It wasn't serious irritation; it was more like a mosquito buzzing in the ear at night. My wariness of "service" people informed me to be cautious with Lisa, which went against my natural inclination to like Lisa and be friendly with her. Sometimes I spoke to her as Lisa and sometimes as APS. As this was, after all, Supercop's setup, I addressed it as such. It's a secret who called and what they said, so I told her who it was and why. Lisa said the complaint was "feces in the bed." I let her examine the bed to find some if she could. I didn't even watch her, wanting her to have the freedom to examine without being watched and conclude as she would freely.

The Absentee Police are relentless. I see a near future with attempt after attempt to get Jr put back in a nursing home. They don't know yet that Taurus the bull does not have a ring in his nose. Jr is already so alienated by both of them, they'll never get back the affection he had for them before. Obviously, they don't want it. Supercop just wants to make trouble, which she is widely known for. From here on, it will go on being as it was from the start: me the target, Jr the collateral damage. They're not very good shots, so it's Jr that gets hit when they're aiming at me.

I have come to a place at this time in my life, much by Jr's influence, where patience is the key to about everything. I don't feel any compulsion to get back at the irritants. Having learned that everything we do comes back in one way or another, and to the same degree, when somebody pulls a mean-spirited stunt on me, I just let it go by. The verse from my early childhood, I'm rubber, you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks on you, turns out to be one of the wisest sayings of my life. A good starting place for one's education. I think I heard that in kindergarten. The original joke. I don't think I believed it back in that time. It was just something final to say, a rebuttal to a wisecrack.

We know this principle all through our lives, but if you were like me, we had a hard time trusting an invisible principle like that. I never got it until about 10 years ago. I did something consciously, testing the principle, 'put it out there.' I saw the return in just a few hours. Since then, I've been paying attention to it and find it 100% reliable. A couple years ago someone I knew somewhat made me so mad I wished I could contemplate murder. Revenge flared up in my mind uncontrollably. I entertained the thought enough to amuse myself, making it clear in a serious way I mean business. My whole mind would not rest until I did something to avenge the disrespect.

Gradually, my mind settled down and one part of mind reminded another part of mind that it will be more fun to sit back and wait. No involvenment on my part. Anything I would do would come back to me and I'd already had my fill. Wait and see what happens. 2 weeks later it did. It made him as insanely mad as he made me. I thought then, this is called divine justice because it's perfect. I couldn't have plotted a more fitting return than something to make him equally angry as he made me. And I had no involvement at all. Nothing to come back to me from it like if I'd have struck out in revenge.

With the Absentee Police, I may never see what comes back to them, and don't care. They've alienated me so much with their lying schemes, and Jr too, that I have no interest in anything about them anymore. I know something will bounce back on them. I don't need to know about it and don't need to see it. It's the same as done whether it's happened yet or not.

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  1. I hope the APS visit concluded well and no problems were found. I'm sure Jr. is in good hands. I just can't figure why people spend so much time on something so negative when they could spend a fraction of that time on something positive with 100 fold better results. Keep waiting. Something good will come from all of this and "they" will surely get "theirs" with no assistance by your hand. Keep the faith!