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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This morning I did something I've never done before, or even thought about doing. I called the number at the bottom of the receipt from Burger King under, "for comments contact." At the Burger King yesterday a long line of cars back past the speaker/mic. When it's like that, I go inside. No one was inside, so I went to the counter and ordered the usual, the daily, 2 whopper juniors, a small shake and a med shake. $7.24. That's what it is every time. I've been getting this combination every day since his release from involuntary detainment. It's all Jr wants to eat. it was that way before incarceration too. In the time before, I didn't feel right about him eating fast food burgers for his main meal per day, sometimes his only meal. it seemed to me a negative nutrition meal. He doesn't want to eat anything. But a burger he likes to eat.

Since the nursing home experience, seeing what they put before him for food, I've changed my mind about the nutritional value. I didn't see one entire meal put before him at the nursing home I'd assess to have near equal the nutritional value of a whopper junior. At first, I was astounded by the super-low budget garbage fed those people. It made bland seem spicy. Then, I remembered one of the complaints lodged against me as Jr's care-provider was that I fed him fast food burgers. It was Dean Richardson and Ross that bought them. I had nothing to do with it except when Jr sent me to town to get him one. Complaining to that place about nutritional value of a burger is a joke. Something else for them to lie about. As you can tell, I've really been burnt by the magnitude of lies in that nursing home. Meaning they don't want anybody to know what they're doing. Meaning what they're doing is reprehensible and they know it.

Back to Burger King, from inside, having almost always used the drive thru window, it seemed like I was behind the scenes, seeing everybody working. They had a long line of cars outside to feed, and on the inside they were scurrying about getting whatever was ordered at the speaker/mic ready to be picked up by the time the car gets to the window. Waiting in the line, it seems like a long time,but it's not when you're on the inside working there. It's a fast-paced on the go kind of job that will spit a slacker out, either of his own volition or management's. I saw a small crew of young people hard at it, giving it all they've got until they fall into a rhythm working together where they can get things done.

Mary Evans I'd seen in there through the window with her eyes in constant motion like a bird's, like she was a conductor keeping the rhythm flowing, herself ready for any place in the chain of events that needs a hand. She came to the register to take my order. When we'd finished the money exchange, I asked her if she was manager. She said, "I'm one of them." I said I was impressed by how well they run this operation. It's quick and efficient and well done every time.

She looked at me like she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She asked with sincerity in her eyes and voice, "Really?" Like she was expecting April Fool in July. I said, "Yeah," and her eyes lit up. She asked me to call the number at the bottom of the receipt and tell what I 'd said to her. I told her I would, guessing that number is almost only the complaint line. I thought she's doing such a great job organizing young people into an efficient crew that it's worth crediting. I know this makes it sound like it's a smooth operation behind the scenes, and I'm sure it's not. I've an idea when they're going all out, they feel like they're swirling in chaos, but the job gets done.

Doing emails yesterday I decided to send an email to this guy Tom White, whose name is on the receipt with the phone number and email address. The email came right back claiming no such valid address, whatever that means. That's happened to me other times and it turned out the email went through. So I've no way of guessing whether or not it went through. This morning I called the phone number with a 704 area code, Charlotte.
A young woman answered, saying Tom White was out of the office. I told her what I called for. She too was astonished somebody called to tell them they're doing good. She wanted to write down my name and phone number.

It's not like me to sing praises of a fast food burger place. But the recent experience has been positive all the way around. Strange to say, but the place even seems personal, given that it's local people working there. Jr just got up a little bit ago. Not feeling good today at all. When I asked what he'd like. "I don't want nothin to eat. I might have a burger after awhile." I'll be making a trip to Burger King shortly.

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