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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


summer rain 28 July 09

Had a message from Ross a few minutes ago telling me one of the absentee police called him on the cell phone dead set on getting Jr away from me, because I'm an unhealthy environment for Jr. She's going to call Social Services! Ross came in here and called the other one of the absentee police on his cell phone, because her landline phone doesn't get answered when a call is made from Jr's number.

After Ross told us what she said, Jr said, "A feller can't even stay at home and have any peace." Now Jr is worried with the threat of nursing home brooding over him such that he won't have anything else on his mind the rest of the day and all night. He'll try to sleep to clear his head, but it won't work. His mind is stuck now. I know how this works and I'll be telling him there's no problem for the same reason I told him at the nursing home he was going home, to settle his nerves and ease his mind. He has a good attorney and I do too. There is not a problem.

Jr said, "I wish I could get a hold of somebody to tell them to leave me alone. All I want is some sensible talk." I had to say that's asking too much; sensible is evidently not in the near future. It's come to the surface that the absentee police are determined to get Jr back in a nursing home, at his expense, of course, where he can die of despair, and they can say they won. Sounding weak and defeated, Jr said, "Everything's turned against me. Now they're gonna get Social Services after me; government people trying to boss me around, put me in the insane asylum. I won't go."

Jr sat in his recliner with his chin on his chest, eyes closed, worrying. He stood up and pushed his walker into the bedroom. He said, "The bed's a-callin me. Maybe I can get a little sleep." He said he aint going to no nursing home. I told him not to worry, he has a good lawyer and I do too. Social Services has already overstepped so many bounds on Jr's behalf that County Commissioner Milly Richardson spoke to the top dog there several months ago, maybe a year, making it clear that nobody from SS will set foot in Jr's house again. But absentee cops won't stop there. Like they used to say on the Tonite Show, more to follow.

A few people have learned that I'm Jr's dog and I bite. It seems to Jr's dog that somebody who wanted Jr well cared for would offer a little assistance instead of neurotic resistance. She's a meddler and a trouble maker. Making trouble is what she does. She's on a righteous mission I'm curious to watch play out now that it's begun. It's one more bit of evidence that when somebody tells you it's for your own good, it's for their good, not yours.

I don't understand why somebody who doesn't even know Jr can presume to know what is best for Jr. At the nursing home the absentee police brought him a portable cd player and a cd by an old-time band. They didn't know he doesn't like old-time. They didn't know he'll never put headphones on of his own accord, nor will he ever be able to figure out how to use the cd player and doesn't intend to try. It's of no interest to him. They don't know that he doesn't listen to music any more. Yet they're the ones that know what's best for Jr and neither one of them even knows him remotely. Neither one has ever sat and had an extended meaningful conversation with him, listened to him talk about his life or anything. One of them did, once. They just know all about it. They bring him oatmeal cookies unaware he doesn't like oatmeal. He's not convinced that jabbering in his face 5 minutes every three months equals love.

It's back to that old saying that nothing good gets done without resistance. I see the absentee police helping me out. They're making what I'm doing all the better by their resistance. They're washing the dirt off me and taking it onto themselves. That's the part they don't get that cracks me up.

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