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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mother and child. Though Monica is a bit past being called a child, it still applies just a little bit. Tina I've known for a long time and even before that. For several years someone would ask me if I knew Tina from time to time. No, but I knew of her from other people telling me I need to know Tina. When I did finally get to meet her face to face it was like meeting a star. It's Tina, Live in Sparta! She's always seemed like a star to me. We share a sense of humor that keeps us laughing.

She's from Whitehead, born Jordan, and has been through a list of learning experiences that broadened her horizon and made her comfortable in her self. Tina is one of them mountain girls that doesn't care if you don't like what she looks like, says, thinks or whatever. She's who she is and all the rest of it can take a walk. Which is to say she's nobody's fool, unless she wants to be.

Monica was a brilliant and beautiful child from the day she was born. She already has her mother's independent spirit. And just entering her teens. At age of nine Monica discovered the guitar. From the start she had it. A year after she started learning with the JAM program at the school she was sitting in at the Crouse House on Monday nights playing bluegrass with the big dogs. At ten and a half she recorded a cd with a band of Galax musicians behind her playing lead guitar. Billy Hawks, fiddle, Kyle Dean Smith, banjo.

The older musicians recognize the talent in Monica and encourage her learning the music, which is a lifetime project. Tina told me she won a Wayne Henderson scholarship to a guitar workshop this summer for
people her age. She plays at fiddlers conventions and wins ribbons. In the music world it seems like doors open when they see Monica approaching.

When you call Home Town Fuel it's Tina answering the phone. When you go in the door, she's the one sitting at the desk with the computer. Tina is not one to just stare at you or act like she didn't notice you came through the door, too busy playing poker with somebody in Brazil. She's easy to get along with and full of light spirit. Monica too.

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