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Friday, May 8, 2009


Ever since this small angel statue was put up in front of Landmark in Whitehead, I drive by and think I want to get a picture of that angel. I was in no hurry, don't carry a camera most of the time, thinking there would come a day the light would be just right on the angel and bring her to life. Today I drove by and she hollered at me with a brilliant glow. This was the day.

Landmark Union Baptist Church brings Tom Pruitt to mind every time I pass it. More than once over the years I knew Tom he said, I can tell you the time, I can show you the place where the Lord saved me, and as the song goes on to say, In His wonderful grace. I never asked him to take me inside and show me the place, though thought I wanted to a few times. And he might have wanted me to, both of us too shy about it to bring it up. Ever since, when I drive by Landmark that was a Regular Baptist Church when Tom was there, in my mind I know there is a spot on the floor in that house where Tom Pruitt was standing, on his feet or his knees, in the most memorable moment of his life.

The day of Tom's funeral and burial I stood in the cemetery, a pallbearer, under the tent with everybody else during a downpour. I felt like it was the sky crying. Another true human being gone from this earth. In Tom I learned the old time ways were about honor and respect. Many times he defined himself to me as just a man. Through Tom I learned what respect really meant.

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