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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Sophia says hi
A little two month old kitten has brought a happy spirit into the house. The days are fun with a kitten nearby. She will look me directly in the eyes for quite awhile. She slept most of the time today. Several days of anxiety, uncertainty, not knowing this new world she was given to, out of the blue, wore her out. Paying close attention all the time can be mentally exhausting. I remember her first day when I brought her home in the carrier. She slept the first seven hours. My guess was she might have been exhausted from the fear, the uncertainty, alone without mama in a place with new smells and a giant she'd never seen before. I felt like today she was sleeping off the days of paying hyper close attention, and loneliness for the only life she'd known, in an all new world. Since sleeping most of today, she now feels like she's at home. She likes that she is received in her new world by a heart knowing a baby needs as much love as it needs food for nourishment. I turned the love light on and she responds with her love.
the design on top of her head intrigues me
I have found her song I sing to her. It's simple. Sweet baby Sophia, Sophia sweet baby, repeated as long as I feel like. I think she knows her name by now. I call her name from another room and she responds with a meow. She might do the same if I said Jiminy Cricket. She hears her name often inside phrases like darlin baby Sophia, precious baby Sophia, Sophia my baby. pretty baby Sophia, I love you Sophia. I can't tell yet if she's differentiated Sophia out of the different words I say to her. Sometimes I'll just say Sophia. Sense of name is something from the human mind. Though, for all I know, they do have names for each other in their minds, names like Big Growler, Yellow Eyes, Square Head. We are feeling each other's rhythms. I watch every move she makes because I love seeing her in motion, walking, jumping, climbing. My heart smiles when I look at her. This moment she is resting on my left forearm, her front feet folded inward on my arm, her back feet sitting on the desk. Her chin is on her left foreleg, eyes closed, riding the rhythm of the muscles in the forearm connected to the fingers in motion.
Sophia in motion
She is catching on that the keyboard is not a cat toy. She stays off better today than yesterday and so on. I'm never forceful with her except to pick her up, but that only to get her off it. She knows. The scrolling on the monitor and videos fascinate her beyond a youngun's self-control. She has learned when I am hunkered down writing it's just a boring bunch of gray lines with new dots popping up. It was interesting first time, but turned boring fast. She has learned I like her resting on my arm while I'm writing. She rides the waves in the arm and meditates. She is a beautiful creature to behold aesthetically any way I look at her. A living sculpture with consciousness, a mind, emotions, gentle by nature, loving by nature. The cats in my life before Sophia taught me how to communicate with cats, that they learn a lot of my words, and most important they know my meaning when I talk to them in paragraphs, once their telepathy kicks in, they understand what I say to them.
Tapo gave me the best example of understanding when I talked to her. Caterpillar had been annoying her, pouncing on her and making her fight to get free. She hated it. I picked her up and sat down holding her. I explained that all she has to do when Caterpillar pounces on her is roll over onto her back and rip Caterpillr's guts out with the claws on her back feet. She'll stop it in a hurry. I put her down after talking with her some more. Within ten minutes, Caterpillar came walking through the door, saw Tapo, made a dive for her and pounced on her back. Tapo rolled over and let Caterpillar have it with her back feet. Caterpillar jumped off Tapo like a firecracker went off under her. I was impressed. Tapo kept on doing as advised and Caterpillar stopped pouncing on her. I know this about Sophia now. She is tuning into me so fast I'm having a great time tuning into her. She wants to be near me and I want to be near her. In these days we are establishing boundaries. She is learning she can crawl all over me, sit on my head while I'm writing, just stay off the keyboard with cat feet that set the screen into all kinds of random motion leaving me to figure out my way back. It's ok. I just laugh. She will have it in a few more days.  
Sophia ready to play


  1. I too usually have a cat on my arm when I'm at the computer. Feels good and right, somehow. Like the name Tapo. Beautiful Sophia.

    1. Sabra, Tapo's original name was Tadpole because she was so wiggly and black. A time came she did not like the name and let me know. I didn't want to change it too much, so I shortened it to Tapo (pron like taco) and she liked it. She was a darling cat. She loved Tar Baby. Soon after he left the body, she did too.