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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Sophia meditating
Day two with Sophia, we spent the whole day together. I held her, talked to her, played cat games with her, gave her all my attention into the night. Took her to bed with me, I like a cat to sleep on the bed, and she slept on my belly some, on my side some. She has a stillness about her that makes her easy to be with. She doesn't take much interest in playing with toys. They are only momentarily interesting to her. I remember the time I threw a ball for my dog Aster when she was young. She watched it sail through the air. Looked back at me like, What? I loved that in her and never played the fetch game again. I was so impressed with her for not chasing the ball automatically, I chose not to train the indifference out of her. It's the same with Sophia. She doesn't want to play with toys, ok. I don't mind. It impresses me about her, makes me think I've got a good cat. Not that I think playing with toys is dumb, because it's not, but kittens seem to automatically take to toys. One that does not is kind of unusual for a cat. Or seems so.
I like the white around he eyes
I talked to her much of the day, using her name often, looking for a brief song around her name. At this moment she is napping on my left forearm. Now she is on the desk top between the keyboard and the edge of the desk. I've made a space wide enough for her to walk on and lie down on. Training her to stay off the keyboard gently. I just guide her away with my hand. She is attracted to the movement on the monitor. Training her to look at it from her space on the desk top between my forearms. I want her to be with me and close to me while I write at the keyboard. To keep her away would make her into a nuisance. She wants to be here, I like her being here. She will learn about the keyboard. Today she is much better about it than yesterday. And tomorrow she will be better than today. She is now on my left forearm again, in a Sphinx pose with eyes closed. I'm teaching her that she can do anything on the desktop she wants, except walk on the keyboard. I'm clearing the desktop to make a hangout area for her. Her stillness makes it possible to have her close while I'm at the keyboard.

another view of Sophia's face
I sit to read, she automatically curls up in my lap, does not climb onto the book, does not have to be on the book. For her, the book is a shade from the lamp's direct light. She doesn't plead for attention, just curls up for a nap. The first time I saw her, in the small cage that made an open cat carrier, on the walkway in front of Halsey Drug with a Free Kittens sign, the other two appealed for my attention when I stopped to take a look. This one, the one with yellow eyes, just looked at me making no appeal. One other of the kittens looked just like Sophia with gray eyes. I was drawn to Sophia for her yellow eyes. Caterpillar's eyes were yellow. The kitten's way of not appealing to me and the yellow eyes put my attention directly on her. And she never left my mind. I stayed home from going to see the race today. This is valuable time with Sophia. We're getting to know each other. I remind self Sophia has only been in this body two months. Everything is brand new to her. She pays attention, quick to learn.

going someplace

I am able to raise Sophia with knowledge learned from other cats before her. First, foremost, she is conscious. That's where we start. I know she feels, thinks, has feelings, emotions, and is in a time of hyper-learning, esp now in a new world with a new giant. I'm glad she was with mama cat and kittens unto weaning. She's learned what mama had to teach her and what kittens learn from each other. When Caterpillar, Tapo and Tar Baby were kittens, one would learn something first, then the others would get it. I saw growing up with other kittens teaching each other what they learn, they learn quite a lot faster than one alone.  I'm glad Sophia has had a complete kitten experience. She's learned what a cat needs to know about being a cat. Now it is her time to learn how to be center of attention for a giant with a furry face. Yesterday we played much of the time. Today she napped on me while I read, naps on my arm while I write. Yesterday was getting-to-know-you day. Today, we are glad to be together, are settling into each other. I feel like I'm an old Hindu who married a two month old bride, a marriage arranged by horoscope. What fun  it would be to drive to Rowan County, Kentucky, and ask for a marriage license for self with a two month old cat. I'll check Sophia's horoscope birth chart soon. I can see already she will be a good mouser.

baby with first toy

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  1. Love that little nose and the markings that go out from her eyes. The second photo caught my heart. Precious.