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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


jim dine, pinocchio

I woke this morning to news that fourteen or seventeen or however-many states have republicans in them running petitions to gather signatures to secede from the Union. Texas, of course, leads the lemming charge. It's just republicans calling attention to themselves. A state is not going to secede from the union because a few thousand wingnuts sign a petition. If the people signing the petition were serious, they'd move to Texas or Arizona, states that have already seceded in spirit. Both states have oppressed Latin populations. The racist wingnuts hate "Mexicans" the same as they hate black people. I suppose if Texas secedes over racism, the next step will be to banish the Latin population to make Texas fit for teabaggers. Why bother all the other people in states the petitioners want to secede? Teabaggers are a minority. If they're really committed, they'll move to Texas. If they don't move to Texas, they're not committed. The wingnuts are just making noise for the sake of making noise. As usual. The ruse that the wingnuts were leaving the country after losing the election fell through right away when nobody left the country. Now they're talking something they cannot do, secede, so they can make more noise about the government not allowing a few thousand cement-heads to manipulate states of multiple millions.

We'll be hearing this nonsense for weeks to come. I'm recalling the last time Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door several years ago. A man and a woman handed me a Watchtower. I handed it back and told them they really don't want to give it to me. Giving it to me is the same as throwing it in the trash, because the trash is my next stop. They wanted me to take a little book that proves something or other I'm not interested in. I declined. Then they had a bigger book, not in thickness, with a lot of pictures in it. They flipped through it showing me the pictures. They asked, "What does this look like to you?" I said, "A children's book." They explained that the average American has the reading level of a fourth grader. I said, "I'm not average. I read adult books." A glaze came over their eyes as they imagined me with a houseful of porn, a bad sinner. I didn't bother to explain I was not talking about XXX adult reading, but adult reading they, themselves, could not read because they were of the fourth grade level they were calling average.

I think of Jehovah's Witnesses an abuse of freedoms. They have the freedom to knock on my door at will and bore me with their agenda. I have the freedom to close my own door in their faces. The very worst was a Christmas visitation, a man and a woman who were not married and a boy of about ten, playing family. I knew the man and knew this was not his child or his wife. I hated to close my door in his face, but he had crossed the line. No matter who you are, come to my door as a JW and the door will close in yer face. I hang up on telemarketers the moment I find out what it is. I regard JW behavior of knocking on my door to tell me about their belief system simply rude. I give them rude back. A time before these people came to the door pushing their books, a white-haired JW man started reading Bible verses to me. I interrupted him and told him since he came to my house, it's my place to tell him about my belief system. He ran. The couple with the books were the last JWs to stop at this intractable old turd's house.

My neighbor Allan used to work for a man I could not work for. He made me so furious I walked off the job and never went back. He believed employees were about being cussed at. He lit into Allan one day with a string of words. Allan lit into him with his own string of words. Boss said, "You can't talk to me like that!" Allan said, "When you talk to me like that, I talk to you like that." You don't want to hear it, don't put it out in the air to be heard. I about fell over backwards when Allan told me the boss never cussed him again. I said, "It was that easy!" I laughed. I'd made a big issue of it, I Quit By God! All I had to do was cuss him back. However, Allan and I are not temperamented alike. Somebody gets in my face cussing, I get so wound up inside I need to exit myself or something untoward might happen. That's the hillbilly half of my blood. Somebody believes he has the right to give me a cussing, I believe I have the right to do whatever happens next.

I hope these teabagger monkeys swinging through the trees in Karl Rove's mind understand when they call the rest of us unacceptable, the return is that we find the teabaggers unacceptable. So the teabaggers have guns. The rest of us have guns. They've already shown repeatedly they have no concept that everything-comes-back. After 32 years of systematic republican attempts to shut down the democrat party, they've imploded. I'm rubber, you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks on you. Now they're wanting to secede, which they know is not possible, a few thousand from each state. It tells me they're not serious. It's the same as playing a kazoo, the clown's instrument. Something to keep the Fox channel on the air: a secession movement, big drama. Like I said, if they were serious, they'd move to Texas and root for the Cowboys, a team that, alas, happens to have an awful lot of black cats on the playing field. What's the world coming to? Like it was said among white folks in 1956 when white teenagers were listening to Little Richard and Chuck Berry, "The niggers are takin over." I laughed then. I laugh now. Half a century of that fear growing and growing and what do we get? A deceptive tv channel that goes by the name fox.


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