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Monday, November 12, 2012


chief propagandist

The Absurdist comic-tragedy of this time has erupted again, boiling over the edge of the pot and sizzling on the electric burner. The only thing the republicans showed us in the campaign was ignorance and lies. The last few days the repubs have been blaming-blaming, every reason they can think up, like in the manner they ran the campaign with every lie they could make up. The one point they haven't yet touched, or at least publicly, is that white Americans are not all racists. They were counting on all white Americans being racists and it didn't work out that way. I laugh when I see their befuddled faces and their lame fantasies of why a campaign of only lies failed. It has worked for Rove twenty-some years. Alas, a little too consistently. His opposition strategists finally caught onto his ways and figured out how to counter him. It felt good to see Rove shut down. Obama has talked about a divide in the repub party that I saw created in the attempt to shut down the democrat party. The democrats stayed back, gathered their strength, honed their strategies and gave the child's riposte, I'm rubber, you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks on you. That's kindergarten for karma. Repubs in their willful ignorance fooled themselves. And by republican definition, by a landslide. LOL

Talking with a friend earlier in the day, she brought up the possibility this might be the end of KKK and a gaggle of other racist points of view, but I had a hard time seeing it having that great a sweep. It might signal the beginning of a process that could lead to their end. That's more in the spirit she meant it, the kick-off. It's far from over and done. We have passed the point in population where people of color now outnumber white people and white people are scared. Some white people. After this campaign that was overtly racist in ways never mentioned but understood front and center, it appears the racism the repubs were whipping into a lather went nowhere, even worked against them. Florida, the dirty tricks capital of the Red States, said no to racism. Adamant CEOs are swearing they'll cut back on employees because we got a president sympathetic to the people again. Who gives a shit? Only the people getting fired, but it's all PR bluff anyway. Nobody is getting fired. Like the right wing exodus that has not yet happened. Going by human nature, I laugh that the CEOs sending memos to their staffs warning against voting for the basketball playing president more than likely inspired low-level execs and mail room employees to vote for Obama more than for Romney. It's our nature to do the opposite of what we're told, esp in the case of a secret ballot. Though it's also our nature to obey.

I thought when the election was over it would be over, but the republican pity party goes on. The surprise evidently took the wind out of their sails, took their breath away. I see them like a dog licking itself after a fight. Obama brought Anderson Silva to mind, his smooth, quick moves. The election results were like the surprise kick to the chin Silva brought Vitor Belfort down with. The republican machine was spinning so many lies that the lies spun in with the non-lies until a tapestry was woven that told a fiction based on true events. In the end, we can't find what is true in the story and what is not. So we either believe the story or don't believe the story. I've been wondering for a number of years how republicans can switch off good sense like religionists. I suppose it's the same as religionism, a belief system they vow themselves to. It looks like the lock-step attempt to shut down the democrats by organized belief systems went to its absurdist extreme and the repubs became satires of themselves. Like the quote from Wm Casey, CIA director under Reagan, 'We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false.' It is half way complete. The republican half of the population believes it.

The relief at the end of this election was such that I've never felt after an election. It's always a relief for me when a republican is defeated. This election was not about issues. This one was straight out racism, The White Man's Last Stand: The Sequel To The Sequel. I felt like the results of the election would be a measure of racism in America, where it stands. Whiteness wasn't enough to get 51% of the vote anymore. I heard something about Texas seceding. I hope they do. However, it's just more big-man talk, sentences that start or end, By God! The relief for me is that the dark cabal has been voted out of power. All the power they have left is disruptive power, which they can do in abundance with demonic will. The repubs are looking at becoming irrelevant. Like one of their "pundits" said, America aint what it used to be. Racism is on the wane. It's a new day.


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