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Friday, November 9, 2012


It does my heart good to see and hear all the post-election republican rant about the country coming to an end under the nigger. It's funny how the big-mouths of fantasy became so self-absorbed they lost touch with everything but their agenda. Cement-heads were bragging they would leave the country if the nigger won again. I've neither seen nor heard of a mass right-wing exodus to---where would they go? Australia is far too liberal for them. Australia has healthcare and other benefits to the people of the land the American wingnuts don't want us to have. They can't go to Israel. Too many Jews. Africa is completely not a consideration. Too many Mohammedan niggers. South America is too Catholic. Austria might be a good place for them. Romania might be good. Albania might be best for them. However, Albania has too many poor people. The American right hates the poor. Europe is off limits. Too liberal. Socialist. Russia and China won't have them. Maybe Arizona is the place. Glen Beck has been telling wingnuts who live among too many liberals to move to a place where it's all republicans. That must be Arizona. Good. Let's hope they all move to Arizona. Then we can flush Arizona into Mexico. When they want to come back we can oppress them as illegal aliens and ship them back to Mexico. Solved.

During the campaign season I wearied of the bullshit from the wingnuts hoping it would die down when the election was over. Now we're hearing continual pity-party of how terrible it is we're sinking fast, the Titanic hit the iceberg again, aint it awful. I need to rethink. I need to quit listening to the news altogether. I was talking with a friend today about something entirely different, but came to note there are certain idiocies going about in the world we don't want in our minds. I don't even listen to Limbaugh to hear what idiocy Karl Rove has him harping on any given day, not even curious to hear it. I don't want his bowel movements in my head. Ann Coulter. She is the living model of all the blond jokes. If I were ever to have reason to be near her cubicle at Fox, I would need to sneak a look at her monitor to see if it might indeed be speckled with white-out splotches. The election brought these people I tend to ignore front and center where they can't be missed. Sometimes I pay attention for the laugh. Unfortunately, the laugh is of derision not humor. I remind myself that these people are the same as a disease---in their cases, syphilis of the mind. I don't want the defecation from their mouths in my mind. They keep me reminded that half the people are below average intelligence. Evidently, the half that votes republican.

Earlier, I read an interesting article assessing the election. The writer had what seemed to me a balanced perspective, but we slightly disagreed at the end. His solution was to get more women candidates and race candidates from the repub party. Sure. Ten Clarence Thomases running for governor all over the country? Ten Phyllis Shlafleys running for Senate? Another Bachman and another Palin? Even one is too many. Republicans are such parrots why not have a bird show for election; vote for the prettiest parrot. I hear the "pundits" talk like Romney really did have a "plan" for this and for that. All I ever heard concerning his plans was a change of subject, attacking Obama for something so ridiculous even republicans laugh, jabbering nonsense. He was the Ken doll of American whiteness. Quintessential white man. Hair cut like he goes to a barber shop once a week. Lies like a white man. Romney was whiteness itself. It's wonderful having him in the past. Yet we still hear of him, like having a website up and running for his acceptance of presidency. I'm glad Karl Rove finally lost. I love it that Ted Nugent identified with his brother in spirit, Donald Trump, calling for revolution and generally being republicans. To take either one of them seriously would be the same as having a bumper sticker that says Nuke Iran.

I was asked yesterday if the election went to suit me. The only answer I gave was, "Some of it did. Some of it didn't." I didn't even ask the same question in return. What didn't suit me was the repubs still have Congress. What did suit me was Obama winning. From the beginning, I've been happy to have a black man for president. You say he's half white, but in America if you have 1/16th black blood, you're black. I've been for black equality with whites since childhood when I knew a few black kids and found them to be people just like me and all the white people of my world. I'm especially glad for Obama's win that young black people are inspired by him. Not necessarily to be another black president, but to have the boost of self-esteem to see that a black man can succeed at his own dream. I realize Obama hasn't done anything visible to help the black people, but I also realize he gets opposition from the repubs for even promoting white interests. They'd crucify him if he were to start taking an interest in black people. We'll see what happens second term. It's a certainty the republicans will obstruct and say no, then blame the democrats for not compromising. The republican reaction to Obama's second term will be a repeat of the first: get the nigger. At least Obama's victory was by such a margin even Rove had to concede. Rove's mind has been the worst influence in American politics in my lifetime, right down there with the Alzheimer president, marching us, a calculated step at a time, toward civil war. Divide and conquer has been their strategy and it has worked very well.

I have to say I'm glad to have lived to see a second term for Obama. I like him as a president and I like him as a man. I like him as a diplomat. People all over the world respect him and respect USA for having an intelligent man for president. They know better than we do how fortunate the entire world is to have Obama representing USA to the world. Not all the rest of the world is white. The rest of the world knows the white American venality toward people of any color. The very oddest thing I've seen is that the republican party has become overtly seditious. Rupert Murdoch keeps that one stirred up with his divisive journalism. He has killed every publication bought for his empire. All my life USA has bragged on itself (patriotism) about democracy and money. We have no more democracy and the Bank has taken our money. It's time for me to stop listening to the news for awhile. The wingnuts will be making drama as much as they can about losing, about the Titanic sinking and woe on nigger-lovers. They'll make losing into winning. In a short time it will be that voting machines were rigged by democrats. I'm glad Obama won, primarily because he appears to me to represent us well internationally and he throws us a bone from time to time, even acts like he takes an interest in our well-being. I like too that he is a sharp stick in the republican dixiecrat eye.


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  1. right on man, right on......quit the pitiful, lame dick, whining rove and co. you lost you smf'ers......the people of America are not stupid pawns in your narcasistic, sadistic games....