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Saturday, September 1, 2012


        robert longo, black flag

I just now saw a photograph on Yahoo of a white man in Houston TX holding a small poster that says END DOMINATION OF PALESTINIAN WOMEN. That's as bad as my sticker on the car window that says Free Tibet. Totally pointless. That's why I have that sticker on my car window, a small absurdity in a world of big absurdities. I doubt the white man with the poster was ironic. End Domination of Palestinian Women. That is specific. Even though I am on the man's side in the matter, I can't help but look at him and think, "What?" What's he doing for his cause in Houston? Donating money probably. I can't help but think about ending the domination of Mexican women, of Indonesian women, of women all over Africa, Asia and the Middle East. What about them? It's a world of dominated women. If you think American women aren't "dominated," ask Loraine Helmsley and Martha Stewart, a couple of women who were chopped down because they had the wealth to be in the Old Boy's Club and the power. But they were women, forward women, the kind of women the Old Boys don't think so much of. Women are for managing the servants and kids. These two women took a hit for all woman-kind making it clear: no admittance, bitch.

It's the same in New York as it is in Palestine. It's more subtle and acceptable. Israel's right-wing government has been running parallel the American right-wing government since the Reagan Revolution. Britain's right-wing government is in there with them, the triumvirate. Christians and Jews, The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible vs the Koran. The Koran is the Holy Bible with a post script. I've come to see it as the Jerusalem wars where Christians kill Muslims and Muslims kill Christians. It was like the stir in India that Gandhi boiled up between Hindus and Muslims. Killing, mayhem, division. India now is divided into two enemy countries, the bitterest enemies on earth at present. All of it over God. Lord have mercy. Evidently, Muslims aren't any better Christians than the Christians themselves. It's just human beings with opinions about something they can't put their fingers on.

In this time, preachers are getting caught fairly regularly for personal hypocrisies. Like the one in Louisiana witnessed by two different women playing with himself in a car next to a playground with kids in it. He said he was getting treatment. He had a pornography problem. Seems he has a bit of a hypocrite problem too, which he confessed to. Good for him. What else could he say? I can't listen to a preacher who believes his role is to condemn sin. In my experience with Christendom, I have seen nothing to do with a spiritual path outside the Catholic church. They do have an understanding of the path in their monasteries. The rest of it is get saved, join a church, be a missionary for the Lord. Doesn't matter if your only understanding is a few memorized verses. I've been wondering for some time how Christendom is going to survive the overwhelming evidence that other religions are valid.

It's a horse pill to swallow when your belief is absolute. This is why I don't hold with the absolute in anything. It's like to live by a government paycheck you believe the lie and exercise denial regularly. It's not an issue. It's an agreement. It's for the job. It's not to be thought about, but obeyed. Sit. Roll over. Play dead. Good dog. I never could allow myself to work for government or the corporate world that only knows me as a 12-digit number. I can't dedicate my life to being a number. That old deal of be in the world not of it tells me I don't want to be a 12-digit number, which I am whether I like it or not, but I never wanted to identify with my individual bar code. I can identify with a horoscope about who I am while the bar code is about what I am: a long number.

The news goes on about the middle-class, victims of capitalist self-indulgence. They never tell about the working class on the news. Too low class. Also, in a capitalist system the workers are the enemy to be feared. They are to be kept down. Limbaugh's role is to keep the working class divided. He's paid a very great deal to keep the working class in conflict with itself while the Bank drains their accounts and they blame the African Hawaiian American president. It's comical in this time to see the panic in the white men. The population is now half white and half colored. So bizarre that in the Land of the Free this is still an issue. Our racial issues have never been settled. They've just been quieted down. Sure you can buy a house outside the ghetto, if you can afford it. The inequalities that were never addressed have become culture and all the harder to change.


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