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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


     no doo-doo

I'm hearing on the news that Romney is leading Obama in North Carolina. The first puzzlement comes to me is, leading? Then I remember this is a majority racist state. Anybody white could beat anybody black. Romney, then, amounts to White Man. Obama amounts to Black Man. This election, like all in America, has strong racial agendas. Race is the only dividing question in America. Limbaugh, Reagan, all the dividers use race as their underlying agenda. Republicans don't have to say they're racist. They all know it. It's the bond between them. At the convention, everyone there was there with a racial agenda. It's the same with the Democrat convention, just the other side of the racial spectrum. As my voting is only against republicans, I'm in no state to make a difference. Last election, my county went 75% repub, 25% dem. It's a republican county with a majority of "democrats" registered. Joe Lieberman democrats. Therefore, it is believed to be a democrat county. Yet it votes consistently republican. It is a republican county. Democrat racists vote republican.

It was actually a shock for me to hear the headline on NPR. First, I didn't believe it. Then I remembered this is a racist majority state. It still didn't seem right. Yet, it does seem right. Romney is running only on being a white man. His only agenda is white man. He bills himself the white man candidate. That's all he needs to do. The reason nothing he says makes any sense is that it doesn't matter what he says. He's a white man. White Man vs Nigger. It's looking from what I hear on NPR that this election is entirely about that. The half of the electorate on fire are the racists wanting to get the nigger out of the Whitehouse. It doesn't matter that he has intelligence. Intelligence has never been a factor in American elections except as a negative factor if the candidate appears to be too intelligent. Obama is too intelligent. He's also black.

It doesn't matter that the racist party has gone unto sedition to render the Nigger powerless. They don't even deny that they want to see our country's republican-made Depression economic recovery fail. They're up front. Of course, that's what they want. They've been working toward it lock-step for the last 30+ years. It is almost accomplished, only The Nigger standing in their way. The republicans are not above assassination, either. They are definitely not above it. It's one of their favorite tactics. They do very well private planes that crash with no indication in the black box of what went wrong. They know assassination works. It rendered JFK out of the picture. All through the last 30 years the republican party has been the anti-American people party. The American people know it, and the American people go on supporting republicans. That the military is a right-wing institution is nothing new. The right wing is militarism. All militaries are the right wing. The political right wing is about militarism. The republican right wing is bringing us police state, has brought us police state, and they've been legislating it over the last 30 years. The right wing has been making the legislation.

Again, today, I quoted Gore Vidal in conversation, "When Americans are unable to distinguish stupid, we're out of business." What else can I think when republicans are putting stupid out over the airwaves. I've taken to listening to BBC International News on the Charlotte FM station, 90.7 at night. After eight they switch over to BBC all night. The difference in how the news is presented tells a great deal. Remembering, GB is as right wing as the USA, if not more. And they're every bit as racist as we are collectively, possibly more so. Europe's racism hasn't been tested yet, so don't think they have the issue licked. In Moscow, it is law that anyone of dark skin will be out of the city by a certain curfew time. When I was a kid in the 1950s I saw a billboard in Oklahoma that read, Nigger Don't Let The Sun Set On Your Head in Oklahoma. That was in the time of the Dixiecrat Party, racism out in the open, no attempt to hide behind denial. We've come back to that. The Republican party now is not denying it's the white man party. It comes out and says it. Their only agenda is: get the nigger. They're up front about it. It's a new day. What happened to denial so fast? Now they don't even fool with it.

Before, when Obama was running against McCain, it was like the white male right wing majority couldn't believe a black man could win. He did. This time it's an all-out assault with money. They know rhetoric is pointless. You can't say the same thing over and over every day. They have these silly gaffs about taking away women's rights and whatever silliness comes up. They don't care. Their only agenda is Get The Nigger. They know money is the only decider of an election. Put in enough money, the nigger is out. So it doesn't matter what the candidates say or if they're up to the role. The republicans have made the presidency, from Reagan onward, something like a corporate minimum wage job at Burger King that anybody fit into easily. Both Reagan and W proved it. I've seen a lot of sorry election years, this one perhaps the sorriest of them all. It's perhaps also the most interesting of them all in that the core issue has finally come to the surface and is now the only agenda. I'm beginning to see I can characterize the historical period of my lifetime, Pearl Harbor to present, as the Decline and Fall of Democracy in America. That's the political evolution I've watched all my life. And it's all been over the nigger issue. Now I'm seeing what happens in the post-democracy world. We're at as big a loss as Russia in the post-socialism world. In this way it can be said that the institution of slavery killed Democracy. The election will come out as the right wing Supremes had intended when they made corporations into persons. I can't help but look at an election as something like a football game on tv that I like to believe is not rigged, but laugh at myself for thinking that could be possible.


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  1. Lets just cut to the chase, shall we, burn'em down, the truth shall set you free, and the GOP is now free, as you have detailed......sad, pathetic, little, narrow, hate filled, miserable creatures....taken in so completely by the rulers' propaganda......the only color that really matters in the end is dollar green