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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


jeff koons, gargosian waterfall couple

Today the wife of trigger-finger Zimmerman in Florida was arrested for perjury, claiming in court to be broke with a hundred thousand in the freezer or someplace. They took him "back" to prison. I believe he's in prison for his protection, because it looks like the entire country wants him dead. Of course, the Limbaugh people hold him up for a hero. Another good reason to keep him in prison to protect him from them. I've been noticing that a "hoodie" is now a hot fashion item. The suspicious look. Zimmerman does not have a life anymore. His zeal with a gun got him what he might have thought he wanted--a chance to kill somebody and get away with it. Only problem was, he provoked it. Outside police protection he doesn't have a chance of living a month. In prison he could be killed if they let him in among the general population. Outside prison somebody would get him. In a time when racism is under the table, and in a time when black people fully understand the imbalance of how white and black are treated by law enforcement. It was too obvious a case of getting stalked first, then shot for being black. Now that the media has Zimmerman and his wife, they'll live in sorrow from here on.

On the subject of inner peace, he'll not have any inner peace. He doesn't look like somebody who is seeking inner peace, and certainly not acting like somebody on the path. His mind has surely been eaten up with agony since the moment he pulled the trigger. First, fear that he might not get away with it. Then a period of time when it looked like he might get away with it. Nailed. Glad to go to jail for survival. He is learning why one of the 10 commandments was about not killing. It disturbs inner peace. I see video of guys in Iraq and Afghanistan killing people legally in "war," doing the right thing, then PTSD, a wife who doesn't know you anymore, a kid who hates you because you're so far, far away you're mean. We the People who fight the wars for the enrichment of the rich are the ones who have to deal with all that goes with wars, major injuries, crippling, mental derangement, guilt too deep to fathom, death with a flag on your coffin. That's how it has been throughout civilization. I'd guess there's a good chance it came into civilization as a pattern of behavior in the tribal systems.

There is an evolution going on, a process, the raising of collective human consciousness. This is where we are now in our "progress," a word that hasn't been used since Reagan. That's because we're in regress, systematically put there by determination of the dark cabal that is taking everything from We the People so a few live in hyper-luxury and everyone esle "trickles down" into poverty. The trickle-down theory worked as intended, albeit not as propaganda depicted. Like Iraqi Liberation and Mission Accomplished. They mean something very different from the meanings in the words. The military doesn't care about word meanings. That's for poets who don't quite measure up as Men. In the military, things go by numbers or letter and number combinations, nonsense words jammed together like in Surrealist writing, bar codes, and codes to follow. After the coup in 1963, regress has set in. We do not move forward any more as a nation, as a culture. It looks like in our country's cycle on the wheel of fortune, we went over the top at about the end of WW2 and are now on the downward side.

I can't help but think it could be a good thing. Give us a rest from the rat race. The American obsession with money is bound to pop some day, like a balloon over-inflated. Americans don't do poverty well, at all. Maybe we have some learning ahead on how to live in poverty. I say "we" when half the American people are living in poverty. Since the Bush Junta Depression, the upper 10% made money through that time, while the lower 90% lost money. This is why you can count on at least a recession when republicans take power. I find it a shame that the republican strategists, ie Karl Rove, use the functional illiteracy of the working class to trick them into voting against their own interest. Limbaugh is the cheerleader. I can't help but feel sorrow for the people of the working class being used so bald-facedly against themselves. The working people have let their resistance to education defeat them. But hasn't that always been the way? It's the way of Capitalism.

I've been hearing a lot of serious questioning of Capitalism in this time. I've been seeing for some time that the role of the Reagan Junta was to clear Capitalism out of the way, destroy it so what is next can have room to grow. Capitalism has reached its self-consuming apex in America. Like Ralph Nader said justifying being a part of the wave to defeat Al Gore, "The republicans will get us there faster." There being the end of Capitalism and the beginning of an economic system that works for more than just the rich. I'm hearing and seeing interesting ideas on the matter. It's looking like this form of economic system is evolving now into whatever is next. Of course, there will be a big right-wing uproar about communism and supporting lazy people, etc. I've an idea it will happen despite popular uproar, simply because whatever is coming is the next thing. The Joint Chiefs of Staff cannot stop change. Reduce our military by half and we still rule the world. Half our military budget would be a tremendous boon for the taxpayers, the ones putting up the money, for infrastructure and a great deal more.


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