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Friday, June 1, 2012


     william wegman

I just now got called on FB by an adult for saying shit. Lord Have Mercy!!! I'm expected to be on tv everywhere I go, and now I'm expected to be on tv at home. The "adult" who made a point of noting it disappoints me. When I was a kid, I was trained to believe by adults that adults are conscious and know what they're doing. I grew up into the adult world and found that belief system as big a fantasy as Santa Claus. It is just adults keeping kids in the dark so they won't see that the adults in their worlds don't have a clue about anything, not even tv. Since I entered the adult world, I've spent most of my time avoiding it. I go out into the world and I'm expected to act like I'm on tv.

Well, I don't do what is expected of me the same as I don't do s'posed-to. I'll do expected if there has been an agreement that includes my thoughts on the matter. Like if I've agreed to meet somebody at a certain place, certain time, that's an expectation I honor. When I'm expected not to speak as myself in the town where I learned the importance of being myself in all occasions, I question present company. I say shit. I'm in a place with a dozen adults around, mostly hair graying to white, I say shit and it's like I'd broke into a daycare center and shouted shit until the police came and arrested me. I have seen the world change immensely. The change I find most retarded, most conformist, most unconscious is political correctness.

In 2012 a middle class white adult male cringes at the sound of the word shit. In 2012 a white adult naked male in Miami ate the face off another white adult naked male in the bicycle lane in the turn to Miami Beach to the east and Liberty City to the west. The guy that found them says he's moving, getting out of that area, can't stand to live in there any more. On the news in 2012 somebody white male opened fire on a random bunch of people. I remember after WW2 it was said the Japanese had no regard for human life. It was said of the Germans too. It looks even worse for us all over the world now. What do Americans do? They kill every kid in a first grade classroom, then kill themselves. No other country in the world has such news. Surely such has happened somewhere else in the world, but people in the rest of the world don't think like Americans. Americans threw away thinking in practical terms many years ago. Anti-intelligence has been the American way from the beginning, but it has grown by now to the point nobody intends to learn anything unless there is money or the promise of money in it. A few centuries of evolving anti-intelligence and we have political correctness taken seriously by educated adults. Incredible.

This is why I stay home much of the time. When educated adults play that silly shit on me, I act out nothing at all like what I'm feeling. I lose respect at the snap of a finger. I cannot respect anyone who corrects me for errors in political correctness. I don't need to tell them anything or argue about it or talk about it. I don't need to do anything. When I lose respect, it's gone. It never comes back. There's nothing to say. Of course, my respect is the same as nothing to the other. But it means something to me. When somebody alienates me with political correctness for political correctness sake, I cannot ever take that person seriously again. And I dislike it when that happens. Invariably it's somebody I thought well of or wanted to. In church we talk church correctness. Outside church the white middle class talks political correctness, which is actually television correctness. When somebody gets in my face about political correctness I realize this person holds television as his/her authority.

I'm not going to get in the way of that. Go right ahead. Leave me out of it. If I'd said feces it would have been humorous, Heh-heh TJ yer so funny. Had I said merde, I'd have been thought cultivated and intelligent knowing French slang. Tra la. I've never seen anything to match PC as a reading of the degree of American middle class unconsciousness. Post WW2 has seen a steady decline in American consciousness to the point we've all lost our democracy while the educated worry about words all children know by the time they're 3. Now that political correctness has put nigger out of the white middle class vocabulary, shit must be the next targeted word. I feel like putting on Patti Smith's punk anthem Rock n Roll Nigger, Outside of society, that's where I wanna be. Baby baby baby I'm a rock n roll nigger. Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger. I'd like to hack that song into a satellite coffee house radio channel.

Rock is truly rebel music. Patti Smith did her part. Thanks Patti. Pissin in the river, watchin it rise. Rock has been a good pop music for the young to keep a kind of balance the best they can in a world where officially nothing is rational, where you have to adopt official lies as truth and live by them without questioning. Remember to always talk like you're on tv. Won't it be an ideal world when all the girls look like Britney Spears and all the boys like Justin Timberlake. And we'll all talk like the voice in a GPS gadget. Every girl a Barbie, every boy a GI Joe. Ken is Barbie's gay brother, who is sad because he can't get married in North Carolina. His boyfriend's name is Ken, too. They look just alike. We won't need conformity police in this vision of the future, because everyone will be plastic and can't talk and can't move: the ideal. Mickey Mouse rules. The 1% laugh at us, so easy to manipulate.


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