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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


     the donut dangle

I learned this morning that the Commonwealth of Virginia legislature had cut off funding to the NPR stations in the state. First thought: new republican strategy to permanently eliminate NPR. The Reagan Junta chopped NPRs funding in the early 80s in an 8-year assault on anything government funded for the good of the 99%. In the same package, the Reagan Junta cut funding to the Department of the Interior, which alas had for its purpose the benefit of the 99%. At first, when they were transferring budgets from something that benefited we-the-people, it looked like an effort to undo everything having to do with civil rights, for black people. The black people were the first to be targeted in the rush to take our taxpayer money away from us and give it to the military with the purpose to enhance corporate wealth and power with wars to enrich the rich. Thirty years later, NPR is about at its last gasp. The republicans have forced into the format more attention to republican bullshit to balance anything that might make some sense. Thirty years later, the Blue Ridge Parkway needed extensive repairs, major repairs, which Obama "stimulus" money was used to bring the Parkway up to standard over a period of two years. Now the repubs bitch because of "stimulus" money, a spending president.

The republican determination to destroy our democracy has been successful, quite successful, not with a bang but the whimper of a few people nobody pays attention to. It's the time Yeats defined. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. How more concisely could our time be defined? The only thing that made me question Obama's actual intelligence, given Harvard Law as a credential for intelligence, is that he jumped into politics in this time when an intelligent man or woman stays completely away from politics in America. W Bush is more the "leader" of this time, the president that sanctioned the 911 coup to justify martial law and opportunities to kill the poor in the Middle East, and got away with it. The martial law started with the corporate coup in 1963 that Johnson gave the nod to. It was given control by Nixon, and the Reagan Junta stripped the American people, the 99%, of our rights, our money, our homes, our democracy. The repub party has carried the Reagan determination to destroy our nation for its driving energy. This is what Bush meant by Mission Accomplished. The only truth I ever heard W speak was when he said, "I am the new Ronald Reagan." He could have been what Reagan meant in his summation of his administration, "It could have been worse." Yes, W has shown us definitively that it could have been worse.

The best, which I would take to be the people the Reagan Junta trampled, the 99%, gobble up the propaganda from the tv unsuspectingly, in trust, "Our government wouldn't do that." LOL The worst, the Limbaugh mind, is full of passionate intensity. The Reagan Junta mind lies so bald-facedly they're instantly and easily disproven, then it works in favor of the liar. Limbaugh called a working college student a whore, etc., making a fool of himself, which is all he has to work with. After the incident, he is more popular than he was before. These people full of passionate intensity are the worst, the propagandists, the takers, the ones using ignorance for the trump card in the strategic minds of Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney. The bottom feeders. For the last half century, my adult lifetime, American politics, economy, military have been solely about undermining democracy step-by-step until the last tatters of democracy were put to rest by W Bush and cronies, which includes the Supremes, the partisan interpreters of law. Without hesitation, I call them seditious. Twice since the turn of the century they have laughed in our faces and told us directly that we do not have democracy any more by partisan judicial intent.

The best lack all conviction. The rogue elephants full of passionate intensity intimidate the best with their roar and bombast. The best, in this case, I would call people who want democracy in America. These people lack conviction. The noise of the elephants is full of sound and fury like television their medium, signifying nothing, to quote Shakespeare. The part that gives me the shivers is that these noise boxes full of passionate intensity have destroyed our nation, and now are taking us into martial law. It makes me really tired that the "educated" people, liberals, put all their focus on political (television) correctness, worry over somebody saying shit. The ones with passionate intensity have eliminated our democracy under our noses and the "liberals" haven't even noticed. "They wouldn't do tha-at." The Reagan Junta has defined Liberal as anyone with an education. The educated are the ones that lack all conviction. Education in our time teaches against conviction, as it is only opinions that fire passionate intensity. Education tends to undermine opinions, merely by informing them. The liberals lack uneducated intensity. A little bit of knowledge sees easily through opinionated bluster. But the ones of passionate intensity rule the military, the police, the courts, every branch of government, every corporate board, and they have turned their propaganda focus onto we-the-people as the enemy.

I don't see the Occupy people getting much done this summer. This time the military front lines of the Bank are ready with new laws, new forms of enforcement to counter the movement. Last year it was the surprise that made it successful. This year the riot forces are ready to shut them down before they start. I hope I'm deluded, but I can't see the Bank allowing much more shutting down the big cities. The Bank rules the media, the Bank being a branch of our government. It can shut them down easily. Over the winter there was much talk of Occupy strategies for the coming summer. The nature of the game this year is different from last year. Pepper spray in the face simply makes a great photojournalism shot. The cop's reprimand, a two week vacation. Go to the beach, man. Forget about all this. You did the right thing. Find yourself a hula girl with big titties. The corporate (government) media stripped last year's Occupy demonstrations of their power. Occupy was a very interesting idea for one summer, a big exclamation point on a chalk board. Then it was erased.  


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