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Sunday, May 6, 2012


tea bag blinders

The Super Moon is at Perigee right now. I went out to have a look earlier, but the clouds were so thick and getting thicker that by the time the moon rose it was behind the clouds. Oh well. I was double-checking the good sense in making it a point to see something like that. It's cool. I don't often see the planet Mercury and when I do, it feels like a special moment, one of very few in my lifetime, two that I recall. In one way it seems boring to take an interest in seeing the moon when it's biggest in its orbit. In another way, it strikes me interesting to note such a thing about our earth's companion. I missed the Super Moon rise and never even got to see it in the sky. It's not like I've never seen the moon or that this night is more important a time to see it than any other. It's not. It's just one possible moment to see it, but not tonight.

Earlier, I put my copy of Lauryn Hill's mtv unplugged video into the dvd player. She was lovely. Then I put The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on the sound system. In the time it was winning all the music awards, she said she recorded it for 500 people and it became a big seller and award winner. She seemed to be embarrassed by winning the awards. Like she said, This is Hip-hop, it's not supposed to get awards. She has had a major spiritual transformation, which I am guessing occurred when she fell in with the Rastafarian Marley family, marrying a son of Bob Marley, Rita her mother-in-law, living in Jamaica much of the time, raising her kids, being a mother and a wife. She came across to me someone on her spiritual path that runs through Rastafarian spirituality. She has the heart of a seeker. She found what she was originally searching for, and now searches for how to live in the world not of it. Now the joy of my world is in Zion. Going by what I saw of her in the concert, she has found her authentic self and with it her authentic way.

Heard on the news USA is pressuring India to stop buying oil from Iran. This gives good evidence that our government is beginning to meddle in Asia. Of course, there's no "beginning to" about it, as our government only meddles and all over the world. Now that they're planning an assault on Iran with Israel the cutting edge, urging Iran's Asian market for oil to cut back is meddling. No place in Asia is an automatic ally of the USA, certainly not after the Bush junta. British government is with the USA, but not the people. The American people, like people all over the world only want more money and more tv. Our government is a separate entity unto itself, a marionette show put on by manipulators from above, the 1%, who would have us all in prison to keep us under control if they needed to. We're so cooperative they don't need to put us in prison. Wave a dollar in front of our faces and we'll do anything. It's the American way. Money for us is the tin rabbit that leads a dog race. The love of money keeps us in motion.

We've only known Hillary Clinton in the foreground as a candidate, the educated woman republicans love to hate. She came across as progressive, leaning maybe one degree left of middle, and now it's comical to hear her as the voice of the post-Ugly American, the voice of the most powerful military force in the world, not necessarily a benevolent ally, and certainly not a friend of the people. Her voice will go on ringing in my head saying, Get with the system and you'll do all right. It's the system that more and more people want to stay out of. I've wanted to stay out of it all my life. I'd been convinced through school, church, parents and tv that I needed to live by the system. I tried it, because I didn't know how to do otherwise. The System spit me right out. I was a sour apple, only good for making hard cider. I've never been able to obey ignorance. I can if it's my own, but when it comes at me from outside myself insisting I obey, don't count on it. When true intelligence, like God, requires obedience, I'm right there. I like the Ben Franklin quote recommending we question authority. Those guys, the framers of the Constitution, were so left wing as to put Alice's Tea Party into a hissy fit.

One of our county commissioners is running for the district instead of the county this time, wanting to go to Raleigh as a Tea Party Parrot from Spartaritaville. I think it would be great if he won--get him out of here. He's a yankee anyway. He's also a little quick to accuse without evidence. Like the Sparta Revitalization Committee, he has no idea where he is. He wants to move to Raleigh after his divorce and "represent" Alleghany County. These are the kinds of jokes that "represent" us. A notice in the mail a couple days ago for a democrat whose name I don't remember running against Virginia Foxx. I didn't need to remember his name. I automatically vote against Foxx, so I'll be voting for him, whatever his name is. You see, I'm an Anti-republican. I vote against republicans. Seldom do I vote for a democrat when I vote democrat. I'll vote for anybody running against a republican. Reagan has shown us, and Bush came along to be sure we got it that the republican party has become the cancer within. Parrots jabbering party line. Liberals are evil. Liberals are evil. I don't vote for judges because they don't post their party allegiance. Rather than accidentally vote for a republican, I don't vote for judges at all.

Democrats are becoming such republicans I'm about needing to stop voting completely. I vote because I believe in the boycott of one. It makes no difference to Coca Cola Corp that I don't buy coke because they are known to have hired death squads in Columbia to kill union activists and their families. I boycott Coca Cola. It makes no difference to them, but it makes all the difference to me. When I drink a DrPepper I remember why I do not drink coke. My vote has about as much value as my boycott when it comes to persuasion in one way instead of another. I vote and boycott certain corporations knowing these gestures mean nothing outside myself. In myself is where it matters. When Bush bombed Baghdad, I had already entered my vote of disapproval. It is like having a clear conscience to know I voted against the usurper of the throne, who set out systematically to destroy the world's economy and set the whole of civilization into bottomless Depression. I voted against it twice with Bush, twice with Reagan, and every time I ever vote.


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