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Thursday, May 17, 2012


carla luvviness

            I AM AS I AM

            I am as I am

            I'm made like that

            When I want to laugh

                 Yes, I roar with laughter

            I love him who loves me

                 Is it my fault

            If it's not the same one

                 I love each time

                 I am as I am

                 I'm made like that

                 What more do you want

                 What do you want of me

                 I am made to please

                 And can't do anything about it

            My heels are too high

                 My shape too curved

            My breasts much too hard

                 And my eyes too sunken

                      And so what

            What's it to you

                 I am as I am

                 I please whomever I please

            What's it to you

                           What happened to me

                      Yes I loved someone

                 Yes someone loved me

            Like children who love one another

                 Simply know how to love

                           To love, to love...
                 Why question me

            I am there to please you

                 And can't do anything about it.

                                  ---Jacques Prevert
                                      tr: Anthony Hartley

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