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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


     thank you walt handlesman of newsday

We can count on Romney to make the day's news funny, funny like Laurel and Hardy, slapstick. It looks like he's attempting to one-up Sarah Palen with a new word for the dictionary: prebuttal. Unless it's in the multi-volume OED. Not only is Mitt the richer of the two, he can invent words, too, for the television audience that doesn't know an invented word from a school-learned word. Then there is Newt(er). Is this another turning point in politics led by the repubs? After hounding Clinton about whether or not he inhaled, the repubs used the partisan Supremes to usurp the Oval Office with a cocaine-snorter, draft-dodger, cheerleader, drunk driver, all in one. Now Gingrich is running with his adultery as a badge--white man Nordic wife, Aryan--and it's working. We'll be hearing more of his racist one-line jokes that get forwarded among republicans by email.

I attempted to listen to the presidential speech last night, but went to bed after about 5 minutes of Obama talking. Thought I'd listen to it in bed. It put me soundly to sleep right away. Great lullaby. I feel partial to Obama, but his speeches are so safe, so nearly irrefutable, that just about nothing gets said. He started off talking about what he wants to do. I tuned out right there. He's not going to do anything he "wants" to do. He'll do whatever works, which is just about nothing where republicans are involved. Hearing about 10 minutes, I concluded he wasn't saying anything, and if he were to say something, I'd hear it on the news all week. And I was o'ertaken by unconsciousness.

I find it funny, too, that in the same news cast as our government praising Arab Spring for bringing democracy to Egypt, we hear about Occupy protesters in American cities arrested, laws passed to restrict them. During the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice Junta protesters were caged and rendered nonexistent. And oh we're so happy to be able to enforce "democracy" in Iraq after a decade of destroying the Iraqi people's way of life, killing several hundred thousand of them, when the "pre-emptive strike" had the spoken purpose of getting Saddam. They got him, and the rape of the Iraqi people in the name of democracy, "Iraqi Freedom," continued like nothing happened. Not one of the many "reasons" we were given by our government had anything to do with anything. They were not even justifications. I take it they were answers that came up at a meeting where the question went around, What do we tell them they'll believe? The people I've known who are constant liars seem to me to craft their stories around what they think I'll believe. The first tenet of fiction: be believable.

I've found about everything our government tells us is false in one way or another. Tells me our government is a serial liar. What do I think of people who only lie to me when they talk to me? I don't have anything to do with them. Somebody I can't avoid, I'll be respectful with, but won't pay attention to anything they say, certainly won't repeat anything they say without citing the source. I have become so jaded after experiencing Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush1 and Bush2, Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove the strategists with no bottom to how low they will go, I withdraw hope. The Dem strategists have a job ahead of them. They'll be up against Gingrich and Rove, two who have proven themselves ruthless and absolutely devoid of concern for We The People. Winning is their game, whatever it takes. I thought the election of 2008 was white man's last stand, but it looks like white man is about to make another stand. The white racist party has very cleverly picked the Aryan wannabe to represent party philosoph, Rush Limbaugh. If not for fear the American nazi party could slither its way into power again, this particular election process could be riotously funny. I'm curious to see how close to up front the racism will be.


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