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Sunday, January 1, 2012


     jasper johns, 0-9

It's the first of January again. Strange how it always comes after December 31, the end of the calendar year, the end of an annual cycle, 12 monthly cycles, 52 weekly cycles, 365 daily cycles, 8,760 hourly cycles. The sense I get from a Mayan calendar that ends this year, 2012, December 21, is the beginning of the next cycle of that given calendar that includes a much greater cycle than one year. The Mayan calendar that starts 3114 BC and ends 2012AD is the "long count" calendar, the big cycle that the others are measurements inside of. 5,126 years. On supposedly December 22 this year the next cycle of 5,126 years begins. It includes cycles of millenia and centuries. I've never seen anything like a cataclysm at the end of any of the cycles within the big one that I have witnessed. Like at the end of a cycle of 60 seconds, what happens? The first second of the next 60 seconds begins. Calendars and clocks are measurement devices in accordance with the planetary cycles in our solar system. Mayans went as far as the galaxy.

Then we have someone who believes everything is "linear," a straight line without cycles. If a calendar is a straight line like a carpenter's tape-measure, when you come to the end of it's length measuring something longer than it reaches, it's not the end of the project, the world or anything, but the end of the length of the measuring device. To measure beyond the length of a given measuring device, apply it again. If it is 12 feet long and what needs measuring is 15 feet long. Lay down one length of 12 feet and start again at the end of the 12th foot, start there and measure 3 feet and you have 15. Suppose the Mayan measuring device was a straight line 5,126 inches long. Something being measured is 7,000 inches long. Apply the 5,126 inch length and lay it out again to mark off the length at 7000. First grade arithmetic. A calendar is the same as a yard stick, a measuring device. The only thing the end of the Mayan calendar can mean is more James Cameron and Steven Spielberg movies. Action trailers on tv of movies full of explosions and screaming. Fear sells.

We'll be hearing more about doomsday 2012 throughout the year, like we hear about Christmas for 2 months on tv and radio before it happens. In that regard, I predict a very boring year. Yet, with USA and Israel bombing Iran's nuclear plants, it could become a very interesting year. It seems like these people making the decisions to start bombing Iran ought to know by now that when we attack a defenseless country with little to no military defense, of another language, religion and race, we lose. How many times do they have to push it? Note I say they for our government. Our government does not include the people as we. My function in their belief system is a target to divert gunfire from themselves. They used to call us cannon fodder, now we're targets. We're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan so we can get something started in Iran and Pakistan. I was afraid they'd turn the returned troops on we the people when they returned home. Must not be time yet.


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