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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


     isamu noguchi, sun and moon, 1960

This morning I heard something for the first time that I'm aware of. A woman talking on the Diane Rhem Show. She was talking about learning to live with less instead of more. She was like a Home-Ec workshop with advice on how, essentially, to approach poverty with style. It's always been MORE, gimme MORE, gotta have MORE. It's looking like the beginning of a flip-flop from endless consuming to paying attention. The consensus out and around talking with people I see in the course of a day is a recognition that as of now, right now, the corporate Behemoth has us, we the people, by the throat, and won't let go of their own power. Hearing more mention on the news of the declaration by the Supremes that corporations are individual human beings and money equals speech. I've wondered how long it would take for "the media" to start getting it that the Supremes, like everything else in America, are about money and money only.

In this time of the breaking down of traditions everywhere around the globe, it's even getting religion and education. Everything that's had for its justification that' it's always been that way, supposed to be that way, is going away. It looks like the playing field is being leveled. All values have collapsed into money. Value has nothing to do with morality any more. It has only to do with with how much something costs. There is the word truth. That poor word has been misused for so many reasons so many times, the word itself has become meaningless. Honor. Who ever uses the word honor for any reason any more? A year or so ago I heard myself say to one of Jr Maxwell's cousins, "Jr was an honorable man." I was happy the word is never used so it's meaning is fresh when I want to use it. Now that all connotations have been stripped from the word, I can use it with its denoted meaning alone without military connotations.

I'm hearing people I know, who are not left-leaning people at all, not politically active in any way, saying they see a revolution coming. I do too, but what kind of revolution? It's the right wing that is politically active. The revolution I see is the right wing taking over by judicial fiat or some other way, and it won't seem like much, because it's been the right wing in control all through my lifetime. It's looking like the right is not satisfied being a part of the whole, but wants to be the whole. I'm seeing the right getting power to make all the foolish moves they want, which undermine themselves and destroy a lot of lives and property along the way. Whatever the name of what is ahead, it's manifestation will be destruction. Much destruction. Like Ralph Nader said, the republicans will get us there first. It's like we need the coming destruction because half the American people are hell bent on it and have to get it done to see how foolish it was, having no foresight.

The big problem I have with revolution is the misery in everyday life while it's going on, and that there is no knowing which way such a thing is going to go. Of course, it will go the way of the money. Money is why the South lost the Civil War before it started. The nature I imagine from what I see so far of a new revolution, it's right wingers planting bombs. Whatever the case, our form of government has failed. Everybody sees that. The right wing has rendered American government absurd, even to the county government. I don't know why I go on concerning myself with this. Yes I do. It's part of our interior maps of "what's going on." Like science, it's constantly amended, something new every day. Things are going so fast now, there might not be time for a revolution. It's a truly absurd time.


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