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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


air bellows drive-thru art museum


               In the beginning was the Tao.

               All things issue from it;

               all things return to it.

               To find the origin,

               trace back the manifestations.

               When you recognize the children

               and find the mother,

               you will be free of sorrow.

               If you close your mind in judgments

               and traffic with desires,

               your heart will be troubled.

               If you keep your mind from judging

               and aren't led by the senses,

               your heart will find peace.

               Seeing into darkness is clarity.

               Knowing how to yield is strength.

               Use your own light

               and return to the source of light.
               This is called practicing eternity.

                                          ----Tao Te Ching
                                  tr by Stephen Mitchell

air bellows drive-thru art museum
photos by tj worthington

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