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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Every day I tell self to stop paying attention to politicians, any kind of attention, even disgust. I have good books to read, good movies to watch, magazines, art projects, friends, and much, much more. I see today Lindsay Graham said something else so stupid he made headlines again. Why do I even know his name? Scrolling down facebook, I see Ted Cruz said something marvellously ridiculous again, I stop and look to see what it could be this time. Every pause I remind self I am giving this clown car occupant attention, better to give my attention to skateboard fail videos. I stop scrolling when I see Mitch McConnell, to read or see video of his new stupid for the day. These talking marionettes are one hundred percent predictable to say something with no connection to anything but their own stupid. Rand Paul is receiving a string of attention the last weeks for saying something that gives the appearance on the surface of being not quite so stupid as usual; therefore, noteworthy. A three-year-old can say, E equals emcee squared, but it doesn't mean the kid gets it. The depth of stupid is so bad I wonder if it could be a Heritage Foundation strategy to keep these names and faces on the evening news by saying something outrageously stupid. Propagandists and television producers know content is nothing, name recognition everything. Even if the whole clown bus is scripted, which it is, it takes a vacant, nobody-home robot to spew such ignorance and act proud of it

Another gift that goes on giving from the Cheney-Bush junta is Karl Rove, master propagandist, somebody who belongs in a cell next to Charles Manson. I pay attention to him as well as the others and question self, why? Like the comedy of stupid, Karl Rove wins the award for the malignancy of stupid. He has a brilliant mind, fast and retentive, and the ethics of the corporations that pay and privilege him. Ethics is something we never see in a politician, if there ever was such a thing as an ethical politican who did not walk away from the profession. We see plenty of the pretense of ethics in politicians as in preachers, the same smug attitude, I am  important and you are not. Ethics is not even a consideration in America after two-thirds of a century of television propaganda central, and corporate control. Every day, seeing headlines, faces and obvious bullshit, I think of Reagan's CIA appointee, Wm Casey, saying, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false." False News is the most watched news on tv. I don't know if anybody else sees this, but it says to me, we citizens have been the mass target of a disinformation program by the CIA since before 1981, when it was spoken publicly by a CIA director, and we go on like it's a secret we're expected to deny. 

People like Rachel Maddow, for one, bore me with their pretend naivete about the disinformation coming through the republican think-tanks, the first half of the country to commit to the false. We get disinformation through corporate television news. Like all liars, they tell us what they want us to believe. It works for them. It works so well for them, they deleted democracy by popular will, disinformation through tv. The Patriot Act, conceived, planned, written, edited over several years, was printed, bound and boxed awaiting delivery on time when 9/11 happened, without anybody seeing it coming. Nobody asked where the Patriot Act came from, they already knew. Legislators accepted that it deleted the Constitution, because the Koch Bros bought them into their dream Country Clubs. The republican clown bus audition for Koch sponsorship gives evidence the Kochs do not favor intelligence or ethics. They take us for stupid, buy us stupid representatives, treat us like we're stupid, and we affirm them by supporting them, even by paying attention to them. I'm getting with self quite a lot over paying attention to them, even if only to assess the landscape of a world I live in and have no more say in than in the governance of Monaco.

I pay attention, seeing current events a serial documentary, The Fall of the American Empire. When I read the kindle next lifetime, I'll wonder why it feels so familiar like I was there while knowing I was not. Next lifetime, I will see the crash on the news from another country and join in the international jubilation. Ding-dong, the witch is dead. It will be like a football (soccer) championship match, USA vs All The Rest Of The World, and All The Rest Of The World wins, riotous celebration. Like Abe Lincoln said, America will only be defeated from within. I've been watching the process all my adult life, since the corporate coup of 1963. Going by where I see this process going, I'd suggest to the black brothers and sisters expatriate as fast as you can go, like Jews leaving Europe in the 1930s. The only thing about black lives that matters in American police state is target. Don't go to Africa. US troops are moving into Africa, rare minerals, poverty, statistically defenseless, the new place for the Pentagon's ongoing war to keep war production corporate profits in the billions per. I don't want to expatriate. Whatever the choice of where to go, I'd be "the American." Here, at home, I'm just a Joe, responsible for nothing political, just my own behavior. 




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