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Saturday, June 27, 2015


It strikes me strange in the Xtreme for the Supremes to go with Obamacare and gay marriage. It's strange from a court that predictably sides with corporate interest against the good of the citizen. I can see that Obamacare benefits insurance corporations, which helps me understand the court ruling with it. I don't see any corporate benefit for gay marriage, but PR, so I'm a bit slow coming to terms with how the decision happened as it did. I learned it was Kennedy who swung away from the Reaganistas. I read his paragraph about marriage, held up by a talking head as poetry, found it rational mixed with sentiment. It only took one of them to make the difference. The court was divided between the republicans and democrats, and Kennedy abandoned the republican ranks. The Supremes have lost so much credibility with me, it will take more than two decisions to convince me they deserve credit for anything but one man's mistake. The women have my full appreciation. The men are all intellectual feather-weights compared to the women. In fact, it doesn't feel right attaching the word intellectual to Thomas, Alito, Scalia and Roberts. It makes an oxymoron to connect one of the four names with the word intellectual. They render the word meaningless. They bring up in me the question, how did they make it through law school?

It is a new day, any way you look at it. The gay marriage decision was one step closer to the American ideal, unity in diversity, equal justice for all. It's been on hold since the time of the Reagan Trojan horse that brought us Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz, the Bushes, and a crowded pen of others. We now have legions of white middle class women celebrating with gay couples over getting married. The other side of the coin,we have the working class, and so-called Christians hating everything about it. Representatives from different states are saying they won't allow gay marriages in their states, and won't have Obamacare either. It is the right's turn to gulp down a decision by the Supremes not to their liking. The Supremes gave us Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice, over-riding democracy for the billionaires that positioned them. Bobby Jindal called the Supremes yesterday, "completely out of control." That the congress has a few republicans breaking ranks, and now the Supremes have one, it's telling me the Reagan Revolution has wound itself down. It had no substance in the beginning and wound down from there. My favorite Reagan quotation, "Facts are stupid things." 

The republicans have declared Sarah Palin irrelevant. Took them awhile to get it. Rush Limbaugh's syndication is going away from him. Roger Ailes of the Fake News channel is on his way out.  A fun image popped up in my head, Ailes as Jabba the Hutt, Ann Coulter Princess Leia on a chain leash, and nobody comes to rescue her. America's forty-year pendulum swing to the right is slowing to a halt, and it's not due to resistance. A fundamentalist preacher somewhere in America promised he'd set himself on fire if the Supremes passed gay marriage. He's had several offers in facebook to give him matches and lighters, gasoline, anything he needs. My next door neighbors, Allan and Gary, were married at the coffee shop in Sparta a few months ago. There, too, the white middle-class women were ecstatic. These are the women in our midst. For all the American disdain for education, it still means something. I can't help but think that when the women in our society take to something with the enthusiasm given gay marriage, there must be something to it. 

In my own way of seeing, gay marriage makes sense, and tells me the society is taming somewhat, tuning itself to the obvious. I saw a cartoon that said, more weddings, more cakes. I am not a proponent of marriage of any sort. This is my own personal thang. It was around age 8 the kid already had a good case made for a solitary life, which became the kid's intent. Example of parents was not one to model self after. A silent battle raging between them all the time, tension in the house so dense it hit like a hammer stepping in the door, like Florida heat stepping out of an air-conditioned car. I did marriage for s'posed-to, and jumped out like the frog dropped in hot water. I realized I cannot live the rest of my life playing unacknowledged emotional mind games. I was the cause of the separation. I was the cause of everything. I saw the psychology I'd wedded myself to, understood my own better, and ran for my life. It was totally selfish. I could not live with a control harridan. I saw a lifetime of misery and said to self, this is not what I'm here for. Let her find somebody who wants her misery. I've been happily unmarried ever since. Understanding the popular zeal for marriage is out of my reach. 


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