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Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm awfully tired of news talking heads questioning what the republicans are up to in their efforts to destroy our government. Listen to the republicans. They, themselves, have been saying since the time of Boss Reagan that their purpose is to destroy the democrat party and put it out of government. Absolute destruction of the democrat party is their stated purpose, over and over. Yet I never hear any commentator or pundit or talking head, even a democrat take note. Questions of what they are doing with the sequester and now shutting down the government go around in circles. The ongoing question is why did they do this or that? Why do they lie all the time? Their stated purpose is to destroy the democrat party. Throw in a black president who is a democrat and we get the racist party in a kamikaze dive, like they think one more lie will do it. I see questions on facebook, What are they doing? They have already given the answer, years ago and have repeated it multiple times. They make their meaning perfectly clear. Harry Reid acts like he's clueless. The comedy I see is their strategies, all of it strategy, working against them. They are wrecking the lives of working Americans in their zeal to destroy democracy, the two-party system, to set up the corporate police state. Their robotic hypocrisy and actions have worked to strengthen the democrat party and is undoing the republican party in this time. Or so it appears.

It would be just as well to be done with republican smokescreens. They follow the definition of republic as far as they can take it. In a republic the people in elected office to not represent the voters. In a democracy they do. Republicans never call what we have a democracy. It is a republic. This justifies that they do not represent constituents. I hear Rachel Maddow moaning that the republicans are undermining and destroying their own party. Where is something to regret? The only problem I have is that they will not self-destruct. In the first years of Boss Reagan they talked about the end of the democrat party because the Gypper got 51% of the vote. They called it a "mandate." Allying itself exclusively with white men, the party even has to dumb itself down. Last election they showed they had dumbed themselves down so far they didn't even see their substantial loss to (don't say it) the enword coming. I've found it interesting all my life that democrat politicians running in a state republicans want have a way of dying in a private plane crash with no indication in the black box of what went wrong. A professional hit. Much as I'd like to see the republican party go under, I also know something just like it or worse would replace them. The republican party serves a venal attitude running through the American people. Evidently, venality is the nature of half the American people. That's an awful lot. Enough to call it epidemic. When I see an expression of venality in somebody I know automatically it's a republican.

I don't even have to ask somebody their politics anymore. People of a venal nature, people who have a gripe with the world and everybody in it, people who stress the importance of punishment, people who are intolerant of everything not themselves, people who simply don't like other people, tend  to be predictable republicans. Even if they're registered democrat they vote republican. I laugh when a talking head says the problem is both parties. It is not. The problem is only the republican party, the party of stupid, of ignorance, of hypocrisy, of corporate fascism. If you're a republican and have read this far, please stop now. I only write against republicans. I don't want republicans reading what I write. It is not in my nature to embrace the false. Nor will I give the false the benefit of the doubt. I've tried it in the past and it never worked. The republican adherence to the false has pushed the democrats into the realm of the true, not by the will of democrats by any means, but for self-defense against the continuing broadside of lies. The democrats have been cornered into using fact-checker and keeping track of republican lies, exposing them, like defusing landmines. On facebook I saw a fun cartoon on the republican strategy, tell a lie enough times it becomes truth. It said, Tell a lie enough times, you're a republican. We thought Nixon was the greatest liar ever on earth, then the Reagan Junta happened. Then Bush the Second out-lied Reagan.
Every day I ask in my head, Why can't these people dead set on destroying democracy in America, the democrat party, the working class and the middle class, the American people, the world economy, be charged with treason, with sedition and sentenced to prison? Nine tenths of the people in prison are less harm to American people than the republican politicians all over the country. I see people I know to be republican and feel sorry for them. Willful robots. I see kids on American Idol with their emotional well being on the line, desperate to become a product, so desperate their emotional self is defeated when they lose. Have we become so tuned by commercials that we want to be commodities, obedient do-what-you're-told automatons? An entire political party of politicians and constituents have been talking in lock step the same lies that are so transparent it is obvious they don't believe them. It continues obvious that they are lying to fool the rest of us. It is a matter of intent, of collectively agreed upon intent. The people of the republican party have committed to ignorance, to stupid, to assassination, and most especially to the root of their value system: hate. It is not an exaggeration to call the republican party the American Taliban. They are the same. Their hatred is turned on their neighbors in the name of Jesus instead of Allah. The white man party is not going away. It will turn the military on the rest of us before it goes under. You may be sure of that.



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